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get an attorney!

and you have to have a good reson to file a lawsuit and have a good lawyer

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Lawsuit against police officer

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Q: How do you file a lawsuit against a county?
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Is it possible to file a personal lawsuit against a realtor?

Yes. It is possible to file a personal lawsuit against a realtor.

Could somebody file a lawsuit against the IRS?

Yes, it is legally possible to file a lawsuit against any federal agency.

Can you file a lawsuit against someone for stiffing out on you for a bill even if they don't have no job?

you can file a lawsuit against someone for practically anything.

Can you file a lawsuit against a Vice Principal for improper interrogation?

You can file a lawsuit.

Can a child file a lawsuit against his or her mother for neglection?

In the US, a minor cannot file a lawsuit against anyone at all. BUT! if the child is awarded emancipation then they may sue for cause.

How do you file a judgment against a company?

You don't file a judgment you file a lawsuit against a company. A judgment is what you get if you win the legal battle.

Can you file a lawsuit against someone who had an affair?

Nope ... best you can do is file for divorce.

Can you file a lawsuit against a college if the professors are not accredited for the courses they teach?

Can you file a lawsuit against a university that initially accepted you into a program and the day before the semester started they dropp you after you have paid?

Did rihanna file a lawsuit against Chris Brown?

No she did not.

Can someone file a lawsuit against the police for false arrest?

The generally answer is, yes, you can sue or file a lawsuit against anybody for any reason. You will only win (generally speaking) if you can prove it was a false arrest.

Can you file a lawsuit against a new building development?


I was involved in an accident in my county where I reside the person was from another county whose county do you file a small claims lawsuit in This is for Georgia?

The county where the accident occurred.

Can a lawsuit against a defendant be filed in a different county?

The court where the lawsuit is filed must have jurisdiction. One of the persons in the lawsuit must either reside there, or the cause of the lawsuit had to occur there.

If a judgment is entered against you in a county where you don't reside does the creditor have to file a new lawsuit in the county where you do reside?

No, once the judgment is granted, it applies to you, not your county. All they need is your new address. * Perhaps. If the judgment holder wants to enforce the judgment in a method other than filing an abstract judgment against the debtor's real property then the creditor will have to file a suit in the county where the debtor resides. Judgments granted in one county or state can only be transferred to another county or state as liens against real property owned by the debtor.

Can you file a lawsuit against a teacher for talking about you as a parent in your child's school in the teacher's lounge and the hallway?

You may be able to file a slander lawsuit against a teacher if she was talking about you in public. You would need to contact an attorney in your area.

How do you file a real estate breach of contract lawsuit?

Call your County Courthouse and ask them

How do you file a lawsuit against someone in a different state?

see a lawyer

Can you file a lawsuit against the state if an uninsured motorist wrecks your vehicle?

No. The state is not responsible for the accident or the driver. You can file suit against the uninsured motorist.

Can you file a lawsuit against a bank?

Yes, and many should be sued, too.

Can you file a lawsuit against a school for a bad experience that lead to dismissal and now showing thousands of dollars owed in school loans for ONLY 6 classes taken?

Yes you can file lawsuit.

What is the process to file a class action lawsuit against a large corporation?

The class action lawsuit is whereby a group of people in a similar class sue the large corporations. To file such cases, consumers are required to file their cases in a court.

How do you file a toll against a major bank to prevent statute of limitations from running?

You have to file a lawsuit. That is what effectively prevents it from expiring.

How do you use the word lawsuit in a sentence?

The word lawsuit is a noun. Example, Mary Jefferson filed a lawsuit against Medical Center East in the Circuit Court of Legal County, Alabama.

Can I file a lawsuit against my employer if and when my employer keeps telling me I'm going to get fired over and over yet they don't do it?

You can file a civil lawsuit against your employer if the employer keeps threatening to fire you for harassment, and the burden of proof will be upon him to prove otherwise.

How do you file a claim against an estate in Illinois?

how do I file a claim against an estate in Illinois, Cook county