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How do you file charges of violating law agenst a police officer?


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Depending on what you mean by law? If a state statute was violated by a law enforcement officer and you want to report it the first thing I would do is contact the law enforcement officer's agency where he or she is employed by. Contact there Internal Affairs department and report the actions to them so it can be investigated. Sometimes police officers live by a code of brotherhood so your next step would be to contact your state's law enforcement agency. Here in Florida it would be the Florida Department of Law enforcement.


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yes because if a police officer is off their shift and are speeding they can get a ticket anyway. The average citizen does not have the legal authority to issue a ticket to anyone, police officer or regular citizen. A police officer can issue a ticket to another police officer who is violating the law while not in the performance of their duties.

"A police officer was magistrate for violating his rights in entering a persons home".

The officer always has the right to void a ticket after the fact as well as if he cannot he can forgo going to court on said date and the charges will be dismissed.

If the teenager has broken the law. That's what the police are for - to stop people from being criminals.

Yes, press charges for stealing a pet ant i think ask a police officer

yes. either by the complainant or the police officer has to fill out a police report before any charges can be filed on you. then it goes to the prosecuting attorney for them to decide if they want to pursue the matter on charges.

They have no legal athority to force anyone to press charges.

If the police were involved and they find that they have been deceived, I believe that this is in itself a criminal offense.

Anyone impersonating any type of police officer can be arrested and charged with a number of different false personation charges. Depending on circumstances the charges can be misdemeanors or felonies.Veterans Administration Hospital Police are Federal Police Officers.

A Federal Police Officer also know as 083 Police Officer as a position identifier is a uniformed Police Officer that patrols DOD property. A Police Officer on DOD property issues summons and arrests for crimes that have taken place. Since there is no Federal traffic laws, the Police Officers enforce state motor vehicle laws. When there is an infraction that has taken place on Federal property, and there is no Federal statue to charge the person with, the Police Officer charges the person with the state law.

Police can still press charges against you at a later date even if they decline to right on the spot. Sometimes they might not have enough information to charge you at the time.

One way to file assault charges in the state of Virginia is to have police officer come to your home. A person can also visit the local courthouse and press charges there.

It depends on the policies and/or guidelines of the police department doing the hiring. Generally, these kind of charges will not prevent a police department from being able to hire you.

You report the theft to the police and press charges.You report the theft to the police and press charges.You report the theft to the police and press charges.You report the theft to the police and press charges.

If you are a police officer you would not need to ask. A police officer doing his duty will treat another police officer as any member of the public (if they are out of uniform and off duty).

The officer can only make decisions on whether to arrest, cite, or not to arrest, referred to as officer discretion. The officer cannot (honestly) promise leniency of a charge because they do not have that authority. Charges are filed and issued by a prosecutor, not a police officer. Any statements given to a police officer based on a "promise of leniency" without the prosecutor's cooperation will be considered coerced and inadmissible.

Once an arrest has been made, the charges can be dropped only by the prosecutor's office. The police cannot withdraw the charge.

First, try not to break the law. They won't bother you if you're not violating any laws. This includes not speeding, jaywalking, taking drugs, etc. If you are questioned by a police officer, your valid responses should be: 1. Yes, officer. 2. No, officer. 3. I require an attorney, officer. That's it.

For the word Officer the abbreviation is "OFC." For Police Officer, the abbreviation is "P.O."

you are allowed to curse at a police officer but you are not allowed to threaten an officer.

That is the correct spelling of "police officer."

yesIn most states if an officer is dispatched to a domestic call and there is evidence that an assault took place then they are required to make an arrest. The police do not press charges and neither does the spouse. The prosecutor presses charges.

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