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Up to $100 per Order ($100 for Consumer FiOS TV/Data/Streaming Services or $35 for Consumer High Speed internet)

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Q: How do you fill up your trainer card spaces in Ruby or Sapphire?
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Where are the stars located on a Pokemon trainer card?

The stars are located on the top of the card on Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire.

How do you get 5 stars on Pokemon ruby and sapphire?

if you mean on the trainer card you need to beat the league complete the pokedex hatch an egg and complete battle tower

What happens when you complete the pokedex in sapphire?

You get a diploma and a gold trainer card.

How do i tell how many badges i have in Pokemon ruby?

Look at your trainer card

What happens when you catch all the Pokemon in ruby?

You get a diploma and a gold trainer card.

What is the Pokemon card with the highest HP?

A wailord EX from the ruby and Sapphire series has 200hp

How do you get kyogre in Pokemon FireRed?

you have to trade with somebody who has a Pokemon emerald, Sapphire or ruby game card

How do you check if you beat the league?

To see if you have beaten the Pokemon Legue: Diamond/Pearl - View trainer card -> Press A If you have beaten the Pokemon League, the lines next to 'Hall of Fame Debut' will be filled in with the month, day, year, and time you beat them. Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald - View trainer card If you have beaten the Pokemon League, there will be a blicking start next to your name.

Door in sootopolis Pokemon Emerald?

i think you need a e-reader to skan Pokemon cards(trainer card=trainer in back room Pokemon card=Pokemon in back room, this might work in sapphire & rube aswell).

Can you really go to space on ruby?

I believe so, but you have to get 5 stars on your trainer card and play a 100 hours to do so.

Ive heard on sapphire Pokemon if you catch all Pokemon you can get a key from prof birch that lets you go to the silvergold regions is this true?

No, it's not. In sapphire/ruby , when you complete your pokedex the only thing you get is a star in the Trainer Card and prof Birch will only say "Congratulations " or a thing like that. That "rumor" is half true , but not in sapphire/ruby. In Emerald when you complete your pokedex prof birch will give you to choose one of the silver/gold starters and some Pokemon from that versions will appear so you can caught them. Hope this answer will help you ^^

Where to get stars for your trainer card?

to get one star on your trainer card you have to beat the elite 4.

How do you unlock the door at the old man's house in mossdeep city in sapphire ruby?

You need an E-reader thing and that card that comes in the box with the game.

How do you get tropius in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't it is a hoenn Pokemon you have to trade with somebody who has a Pokemon emerald, Sapphire or ruby game card or you can get it by using gameshark codes...

What happens if you get a black trainer card?

nothing, but Congrats! u got a black trainer card!

In Pokemon platinum what do the stars on your trainer card do?

The stars on your trainer card have absolutely no use whatsoever except for showing off to others. The stars also change the color of your trainer card.

How do you get a Pokemon E-Card for an E-Card Reader?

Some E-Card tickets are found as Pokemon Trading Cards to play games and such. Others like the ones found in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Boxes are for battling a secret person. For example: Pokemon Sapphire=Lady Astrid. You need an E-Card reader for gba to use these cards.

Where does it say your trainer ID in Pokemon emerald?

On your Trainer Card.

Is there a Pokemon Platinum action replay code for the black trainer card?

no there is no cheat that helps you complete the trainer card.

What do you get if you catch every Pokemon on Pokemon Ruby?

You get the Pokedex Diploma. You get the Pokemon Diploma, a new star and colour on your Trainer Card and the satisfaction of capturing every Pokemon in the game.

How do you sign your trainer card in Pokemon diamond?

upstairs in the Pokemon center, you can talk to a person and they will let you sign your trainer card.

What do you do when you beat the Pokemon League in Pokemon Fire Red?

Once you beat the Pokemon league, you have a few choices: 1) You can catch all the Kanto Pokemon 2) You can enable trading to and from Ruby and Sapphire versions [and Emerald] 3) You can beat the Elite Four again Option number 1 takes quite a while and requires you to trade with Pokemon Leaf Green. Once you have completed it though, you gain another star on your trainer card. Option number 2 is quite lengthy and is pretty interesting. To enable trading to and from Ruby and Sapphire, you must find some rare stones for Celio (ironicly enough, they are called Ruby and Sapphire). To start your journey, head to One Island and talk to Celio. you need to have 60 or more Pokemon in your pokedex to get the sapphire and the ruby. Option number 3 doesn't take very long but gives your Pokemon more experience and helps them level up.

Do you need the red and blue memory card 2 play Pokemon box ruby and sapphire?

You only need 1 of the game paks .Ps you need the connector aswell.

Where is Mew in Pokemon FireRed?

Mew is an event only, being in Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby. How to get this mew is by getting the card for it. Back then they had an E-reader. At events for nintendo they would hand out cards for the reader/scanner out to you. Sadly because most people do not have either of these they hack the game for mew. A problem with the E-reader is that you have to have 2 game boys and a link cable. To get the mew event to emerald you have to get mew (the reader gives you a ticket for the ship in lillycove) in Sapphire or Ruby then mix records for the ticket to get to emerald. Then you can do the event as you would in Sapphire or Ruby.

What to do if you forget your Pokemon trainer club user name?

Check you trainer card