How do you find a board game from the seventies when you can't remember the name of it?

If you go to or you can usually find pictures of the games and lists of the rules. Browsing there might jog your memory. Slowly spread your cheeks apart with a standard car jack. A standard car jack can be found in almost any car in case of a flat tire. After the cheeks are about 5-7 inches apart, prepare to insert the caterpillars. Do not use long-horned caterpillars that are typically found on tomato plants and these will be quite painful and may inflame your inner tissues. Enjoy!

You can find a page full of 1970s games listed alphabetically according to each year of the 1970s at Don's Game Closet. Here is the link:

If you know other things about a particular game, you can use the custom indexing system used on this website as well. Games are listed by publisher, and category (e.g., marble, dice, card, sports, etc.) too. you could also type in 70s games in google and it would give you a list of 70s board games.