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How do you find a dentist in a country where they have high quality dental care at low prices?


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2015-07-15 21:42:16
2015-07-15 21:42:16

You should check Dental Schools in your area. Alot of universities have dental schools where student dentists will treat the public, and the cost is 30% of that of a regular dentist. Good Luck.

I understand that prices in Eastern Europe are very inexpensive for good-quality, modern dental care, far below the prices of dental care by inexperienced students in the US. The interior of Mexico is also good, and I would check with the faculty at dental schools. Prices in Mexico coud be as little as 10% of the price in New York. Some dental schools, like NYU and Columbia University are no bargains at all, and charge as much a lot of experienced dentists.

American dental schools are frequenly much more expensive than the local private dentists. They have discovered they can treat people who receive medicaid or other assistance at the newest and highest allowable rates. They also want their students to get all of the different kinds of experiences possible so they frequently run patients through procedures which they usually do not expect. Nonetheless, there is a government allowed rate for every procedure and they can collect those fees also.


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prices are no where like states, quality is excellent, dental care is regulated so you can afford dental care and many countries are shocked to learn how the dentists in states charge so much even if they have insurance. It's robbery.

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Western Dental is located in every major city. They have very affordable prices. ilive in claymont de. and need a dentist bad.

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Dentists charge different prices and if you get a silver filling it is cheaper then a white filling. You should be able to call different dentist offices in your area and they can give you an estimate.

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