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The last poster is absolutely correct. Someone has probably found your pet and it's in a good home, but I know you have a great need to know. It actually happened to me. I had a 5 year old Min Pin and when I was leaving my husband I came home to find my dog gone. Although he denied he had anything to do with it I knew he was lying because that dog never left my side once I was home and I never left the dog to run around the neighborhood. 3 years later my 2nd husband and I were over at Ambleside Park and an elderly couple were sitting on a bench. Right at their feet was my dog! I know it was my dog because he was red in color (odd color for a Min Pin) and also the white mark shaped like a pear. I wanted to call out his name, but my dog seemed so happy with this elderly couple so I kept my mouth shut. I did indeed regret that, because I just needed to know for sure, but would have let the elderly couple keep the dog. Because it sounds like you have lost your very best friend (my pets sure are to me) I would also suggest looking up on for pet psychics. There is a lady in England that is very good at telling you where to find your pets. What do you have to lose! Good luck Marcy Posters, ads in the paper, search the lost and found websites online, search the pound, post a lost ad online....good luck. After a year, it is hard to have hope, but I have heard amazing stories.

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Q: How do you find a lost dog that has been missing for a year?
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