Missing Persons

How do you find a person you would like to see again?

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2009-09-25 18:27:15

You can also use Facebook Friend Finder and enter his name

there. The Internet is a good place to start. Start with any of the

people finder services by typing in as much information about the

person as you know, such as his/her full name, nickname, age, last

known city he lived in, and so on. This will usually give you a

list of people with the same or a similar name. It will, also,

often give you a list of cities this person's name is linked to. It

may give you other names that are linked to this person, such as

other family members. From there, you can begin to narrow it down.

In order to receive the actual addresses and phone numbers, though,

you will have to pay a fee to the service. There are several

different ones available.

Another possible way to find someone is by searching the database

of any social networking groups to which you belong. Facebook and

MySpace are both good for this. You could also look for any other

family members of this person who may also be on these sites and

contact them in this manner.

However, searching through all of these sites individually can

be a hassle. You can use a site like 123people.com and wink.com.

Those sites search through Facebook, MySpace and hundreds of other

profiles at once.

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