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I managed to find a site for you that has a free search. (see below under Related Links) If you have any information on the birth parents or your sister, please write it down. The more information you can give them the better.

If you aren't successful please post me back and I'll do more research for you.

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2014-04-15 18:42:54
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Q: How do you find a sister that was given up for adoption?
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What reference would a DNA test be if the child in question was given up for adoption?

The DNA test could show the biological parents of the child. This could come into play in an adoption if a father was challenging the adoption.

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Your question is confusing. Did you give your son up for adoption or do you need a copy of the court order finalizing the adoption? For the court order finalizing the adoption, you would get a copy from the court that made the adoption final. You would need to contact that court or county to find out what office handles that. You will pay a fee for a copy. If you gave up your son for adoption, you have a more difficult job.

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