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I find her ugly and smelly

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Q: How do you find my adopted sister?
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How did Moses find out he was adopted?

Moses discovered that he was adopted by meeting his brother and sister, who were among the Hebrew slaves.

What relation is my adopted sister's daughter to me?

Your adopted sister is your sister, and her daughter is your niece.

Does Eleanor Calder have an adopted sister?

She doesn't have an adopted sister. She has a real sister but its hard to explain.....

What do you call your sister whose parents adopted you?


Can a adopted sister marry her brother?

Yes, an adopted sister can marry her "brother" because they are not biologically related.

You are adopted. How do you handle a jealous mean natural sister?

If you are adopted, you should ignore whatever your sister is doing or saying to you.

Is alvira khan salman s real sister or adopted?

Alvira is real sister, while Arpita is adopted

Does Zendaya Coleman have a adopted sister from Ethiopia?

yes. i am her sister

How is it possible to have an adopted half sister?

if your one parent has custody of you and remarries to another man/woman and they have an adopted daughter and a child of their own she becomes the step sister the other becomes the adopted step sister

Does justin bieber have an adopted sister?

No, he does'nt. He has a sister from another mother.

How is my biological daughter related to my adopted daughter's biological siblings?

u got me u are screwed I helped my adopted daughter find her mom and we have learned she has a younger biological brother and sister (different dad). My question is how is my biological daughter related to my adopted daughter's half brother and half sister. Or, is their no relation?

What is the name of Frankensteins adopted sister?


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