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Best bet is to buy an factory harness adaptor kit and use the wires that are there (if they are, sometimes they only put front or rear or vise versa), but in most cases front and back are there and hook it up that way (speaker wires), power are there if the car came with a radio...hope this answer the ? == == The stock stereo had the wires listed on top of it, if it is not there, look at each speaker to see what color the wires are, the wires to each with a line are negative, other wires there are 2 red hot wires a black ground and if you have it blue is power antenna. one of the hot wires is un-switched (always hot), it is used to keep the clock and light up the display only, the other is for the receiver. There also might be an Orange wire that is not needed for an after market head unit. It is much easier to buy the adapter plugs for the after market unit, those you just match the wires from the unit to adapter color by color. As an after thought, you could hook the power and ground first then test each speaker one at a time to get the fader and balance correct. (it's been about 14 years since I had to mess with wires with the plugs cut off.)

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Q: How do you find an audio wire diagram of a 1986 Chevrolet celebrity?
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The Chevy Celebrity is an "A" body car. Other "A" body cars included Pontiac 6000, Buick Century and Oldsmobile Calais. The fore runner for "A" body cars was the Chevy Citation.

1986 Chevrolet s10 blazer 2.8 liter vacuum diagram?

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