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How do you find financial information for divorce purposes?


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This question has a different answer depending on whether or not you have filed for a divorce, what state you live in and if you are subject to community property laws, and if you have property outside the US. In general, you may gather information before you file for divorce. Certainly for assets that are jointly owned, just make some phone calls. You have every right to ask questions. You may find the file in your home with copies of tax returns and make copies of these returns to store for yourself. Other items you may not consider will include things like jewelry, credit card statements, and vehicle registration. After filing for divorce, your attorney can file a request for information and the court will require your spouse to answer. Usually, the number of questions is limited and often some information is required without asking specific questions. If you have a real indication that you are not voluntarily getting all information about finances, tell your attorney. Be as specific as possible.


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