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How do you find good dentist in Juarez Mexico?

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Dental care abroad If you go abroad for dental care: -- Check with the appropriate government agency in the destination country about its national dentistry guidelines. -- Find out what recourse is available if something goes wrong. -- At the dental office, look for infection-control procedures, including instrument sterilization and use of protective gloves, mask and eyewear. -- A traveler's guide to dental care is available through the Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures at Source: American Dental Association. Why is dental cheaper in Mexico? - lower operating costs, dentists are not required have malpractice insurance, dentists are less advanced and use less expensive technology and infection control procedures. Dental treatment performed abroad although less expensive, also carries an increased number of associated complications and risks. Travel, Dental Care and Dental Tourism There is a growing phenomena called "Dental Tourism" in which people travel to a destination that offers less expensive dental care. The decision to visit another country for dental care should go beyond simply comparing prices or even evaluating the dentists' expertise. Countries differ in their standards for infection control and safety. The use of fresh gloves, sterile instruments and safe water are not standard practice in all countries. Without these precautions, patients could be infected with diseases such as hepatitis B. Before considering such trips, it is important to be prepared by using information such as that contained in OSAP's Traveler's Guide. Additional information may be obtained at, and One thing you must do is verify the Dentist in Mexico has the cedula which is the credential or license to practice dentistry. Also ask about their lab - Do they have good materials such as Procera for cosmetics?

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How can you find a dentist in Oxaca Mexico that does implants and has good recommendations?

By asking the health ministry

What is the temp in Mexico now - Dec 26 2009?

It wildly varies from city to city and region to region; a good indication of the temp in Mexico would be that of Ciudad Juarez (northern Mexico), Mexico City (central Mexico) and Cancun (southern Mexico): Ciudad Juarez: 32ºF (0ºC) Mexico City: 45ºF (7ºC) Cancun: 70ºF (21ºC)

How do you find a good dentist in Mexico across the river from Yuma?

I can't recommend a dentist in that area but have been using a dentist in Progreso for a couple of years and am quite happy with the care I have recieved.....and any US dentist is going to kick a fit when you say mexico....the US dentists are losing billions of dollars because of the cheaper prices in Mexico. All of my bad dental experiences have been in the US...not in Mexico. The only thing I will say about using a Mexican Dentist is to get your price agreed upon first

How do you find an honest dentist?

There are many honest dentists. You can find a good dentist by talking with friends and relatives about their experiences.

How can you find a good local dentist when new to an area?

One can find a good local dentist when new to an area by asking people in the area which is a good local dentist, by trying out the dentists himself, or by searching for reviews on doctors in that area.

Is it possible to be accepted to an oral surgery program if you were a licensed dentist in Mexico and practiced in Mexico?

It depends where you study in mexico. Try Mexico city in one of the good universities.

Where can I find a good dentist in Boston?

There are several great dentists in Boston. A search engine can be used to find the nearest dentist in your area.

Where can I find a good dentist in Norfolk, VA so that I can have healthy teeth?

The best way to find a dentist is to ask people who are patients of that dentist. Ask all your friends, co-workers, neighbors if they have a dentist that they highly recommend.

What is the best website to find dental information?

Delta Dentist is a family dentist that helps you find a good dentist for you and your family. They help you with your specific and affordable needs. You can contact them at 1(877)5801042.

What is the peoples view of work in Mexico?

Can't speak for everyone but I found a great dentist Dr. Irma Gavaldon, she is and an american licensed dentist down is Cancun. Couldn't be happier for anyone going down there for work I would find her and go with her only( unless you know another good dentist) her website is

Where can I look to find a good local dentist?

Try the yellow pages�under D�they'll all be a local dentist. "There are plenty of internet resources out there, some specifically themed to help you find a local dentist."

How can I find a good cosmetic dentist in my area?

Whenever I need dental work done there is a special phone number I call. The number is 1-800-DENTIST. I tell them my problem and they always find me a great dentist in my area.

What is a dentist good for?

Generally, dentist takes good care of your teeth. A dentist is good for making sure your teeth are healthy and clean.

Where can I find a cheap dentist for a dental emergency?

you could your insurance company and ask them to give you a dentist that the insurance would cover them and you get all the care you want for free and if you don't have one , you could go check online just put the zip code and the could find a good dentist with good pricing and near you as well.

Where can I find out about cheap dentists?

To find out about cheap dentists you can either look on the internet for a good cheap dentist or you can call 1-800-DENTIST. They have a selection of great dentists and ones that don't charge a lot.

Location of dentist manuel cordova in los algodones Mexico?

Most compassionate dentist I have ever met. Clean office,very high tech technology, doctors speak very good English, very caring staff. I would recommend Cordova dental care in algodones Mexico.

How do you find a good dentist?

Do some research, ask some friends and relatives around you. Who do they go to?

Where can you buy used books on Mexico?

There are book bazaars throughout Mexico, which sell secondhand books. Some examples are provided:Mexico City - Donceles Street in downtown Mexico City is where many bookstores of this kind are located.Guadalajara - Lopez Cotilla Street in downtown Guadalajara is also a good source of used books in that city.Monterrey - Along Guerrero Street, on the Juarez Market, you will also find several used bookstores.

Where could I find a dentist directory for New Hampshire? is a pretty good service. I recomend going through for a holistic dentist. You can find a dentist directory for New Hampshire at or At both websites, just type in New Hampshire in the search box.

Where can one find good deals on cruises to Mexico?

There are a number of websites one can use to find good deals on cruises to Mexico. One can find such deals on 'Expedia', 'Hotwire', 'Travelocity' and 'Carnival'.

Who is the Mexican dentist in Mexico that aired on ABC news?

Dental care abroad If you go abroad for dental care: -- Check with the appropriate government agency in the destination country about its national dentistry guidelines. -- Find out what recourse is available if something goes wrong. -- At the dental office, look for infection-control procedures, including instrument sterilization and use of protective gloves, mask and eyewear. Dentist in Mexico can be very good there is many U.S.A licensed Mexican dentist providing great quality health care. Don't be fouled by people saying that the dentist are bad do research on each dentist see the clinic and make a decision. Many dentist from the USA are millionaires from doing bad dental work because its a mafia so they get rich. I recommend dental work in Mexico I even took my kids to do it down there

Where and how can you find a dentist?

A good place to find a dentist is from recommendations made by friends and family. Also the yellow pages in the phone book provide a complete list of dentist as well as online resources of the same caliber.

How can an Indian dentist get a job in Italy?

dentist is a good job. if you need i will provide some names of dentist.

How do you get legal help for dental work damage done by a holistic dentist in Tijuana Mexico?

Hope a good psychic lawyer finds you and offers to help.

What is the standard of dental care in the United States?

The standards are high. But ultimately, the quality of work depends on the experience, education, and skill of the individual dentist. Me, I live close to the border, so I go to Mexico to my dentist who has the proper education, skill and experience to do a good job. I'd say, the work compares very well with what you might find in the USA.