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Hello All,My husband has sign that was his father's. He worked for Brinks years ago. It is very heavy and in good condition, a few painted areas are worn but the overall sign in perfect. It is shaped like a shield.

13 1/4" Wide x 15" Tall. The sign says;






on the back of the sign I was able to make out what it's embossed;




Can anyone tell me anything about this? What it is worth? Who might be interested in purchasing it? Thank you, Diane Brown (

I don't have too much information. However, the company was last at 7220 W. Wilson in Harwood Heights, Illinois. They were bought out in the mid 80's by Everson Ross in Spring Valley, NY.

When they moved from here, most of the custom dies were damaged or lost in transit. Most of the Chicago style badges were lost at this time, and the new owners didn't care.

Many of the styles they used were the same as C.H. Hanson Co.


Meyer & Wenthe office and factory were located at 24 t0 30 S. Jefferson St. A Loop office was at 108 N. Dearborn st. and on the west side at 28 S. Jefferson St all in Chicago, Il. This information was taken from the front of the 1925 Cataloge. I have an original copy as my husband's father was Herman H. Wenthe a partner with Gustuve Meyer who was a brother of Dominica Meyer Wenthe, my mother-in-law. The cataloge is 216 pages long and noonly were policeman badges made there but streetcar tokens , endless stamped metal objects and Herman Wenthe invented the pocket notary seal. The catalogue is facinating. I hope you can find one somewhere.

If I can help you again - let me know

I now live in NYS

I am glad to have found this web-site. My company, Smith & Warren, acquired Everson Ross in 1999. Everson Ross did acquire Meyer & Wenthe in the 1980's. Many of the dies and tooling were preserved and are still located in our factory in White Plains, NY. Any inquiries with respect to traditional Meyer & Wenthe designs can be directed to us via our web-site at

Lee Galperin Smith & Warren 1-800-532-2343

My January, 2004 answer to the Meyer & Wenthe question was in error.

Dominica Meyer was Gustuve Meyer's daughter not his sister.

Meyer was the business partner and Wenthe was the engraver.

I am the grandson of John Meyer from Meyer & Wenthe. I have the information you need from the very beginning of the company. 4 generations. Please contact me if you would like this information.

Barry Hansen

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My grandfather , Eric Ziegenhorn, was an engraver at M&W in 1916. He was born in 1889. My uncle, William Ziegenhorn, also worked there as an engraver.
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Q: How do you find information about the Meyers and Wenthe Badge Company in Chicago?
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