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Mr. Pizza was originally located on the southwest corner of Hyde Park Blvd. and Harper Ave. where the wireless store is now. Around 1969, they moved down the street a few doors and sadly closed about a year later. Best pizza I have ever had to this day. Cafe Enrico was located on the south side of 53rd Street between Dorchester and Blackstone. Dunkin' Donuts is there today.

I was thinking there was a Mr. Pizza located on N. E. corner of Hyde Park Blvd. @ Lake Park in 1960. I could be wrong but it rings a bell. If that was not the name then what was the name ?

Mr. Pizza was on the southwest corner of Hyde Park Blvd. and Harper Ave. until 1969 or 1970 until it moved about 4 doors west into the former location of the A&P which moved into the then-new strip mall on the southeast corner of Hyde Park Blvd. and Harper. It then stayed open about another year before it finally went out of business. I don't know what year Mr. Pizza opened, but I remember very clearly the building it occupied. Later, the building housed a Bresler's Ice Cream shop and a few other similar establishments before a wireless company moved into the spot a couple of years ago. Ironically, across the street from Mr. Pizza was another pizzeria, Pizza Platter. And up the street from that establishment was the original home of Cirals' House Of Tiki restaurant. There was also a Krogers grocery store and a National Tea supermarket on Harper between 50th Street and Hyde Park Blvd. The entire area from 50th Street to the north and Hyde Park Blvd. to the south and Blackstone to the west and Lake Park Blvd. to the west was razed in 1967 to make room for the construction of Kenwood High School, which opened in September 1969.

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Q: How do you find information on Mr Pizza and Cafe Enrico in Hyde Park?
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