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How do you find mew in Pokemon Pokemon FireRed?

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2010-12-08 03:57:37


I can't tell you where to find Mew in Fire red (because it's not

there >w<)

but I can tell you where to find Mewtwo :). Mewtwo is

found at the basement level of the Unknown Dungeon. You need

to fix the Time Machine in Island #1

to access the Unknown Dungeon. And about Mew.. you can

find it in Pokemon Emerald. The Old Sea Map in Emerald allows

passage to Faraway Island,

where you will come across the elusive Mew in the forests. Chase

it, corner it in the grass, and you'll be given the chance to

capture it. Mew comes at level 30.

-jean- x3 owo

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