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How do you find mew in Pokemon Pokemon FireRed?

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I can't tell you where to find Mew in Fire red (because it's not there >w<)

but I can tell you where to find Mewtwo :). Mewtwo is found at the basement level of the Unknown Dungeon. You need to fix the Time Machine in Island #1

to access the Unknown Dungeon. And about Mew.. you can find it in Pokemon Emerald. The Old Sea Map in Emerald allows passage to Faraway Island,

where you will come across the elusive Mew in the forests. Chase it, corner it in the grass, and you'll be given the chance to capture it. Mew comes at level 30.

-jean- x3 owo

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Mew Pokemon Pokemon FireRed?

Mew is not in firered only emerald.

In pokemon FireRed where is mew?

Jean You can't find mew in Pokemon Fire Red but you can find Mewtwo instead..

What is the correct way to find Mew on Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot get Mew legit in Pokemon FireRed, for the event for Mew has ended. You would need to use a GameShark or trade for it from Pokemon Emerald.

How can you find mew in pokemon FireRed?

Mew cannot be found in firered only emerald can via Nintendo event.

How do you catch mew in Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can't get mew in firered or leafgreen.

Pokemon FireRed mew cinabar island mansion?

There no Mew in firered.

How can you get Mew on Pokemon FireRed?

You must capture Mew on Emerald and trade it to FireRed.

Pokemon FireRed how to get mew?

you get mew when you get mew to in the same cave

Where can you find mew in Pokemon FireRed?

where can you find mew in pokemon fire-red without any cheats at all cuz i really need one

How do you make Mew listen to you in Pokemon FireRed?

how did u get mew

What Pokemon can't you get on FireRed?


Is there a mew 3 in Pokemon FireRed?


What Pokemon is number 152 in Pokemon firered?


How to catch mew in Pokemon FireRed?

Its not possible to get mew in firered only emerald can via Nintendo event.

Where can you find mew and mew2?

In Pokemon LeafGreen and FireRed, Mew cannot be found. The only way to get it is to trade it from Pokemon Emerald, where Mew can be caught. On the other hand, You can catch Mewtwo in Pokemon LeafGreen and FireRed. You can find it in the Cerulean Cave, in Cerulean City. It's in the bottom of the cave! Good Luck catching it! Hope I helped :)

What is the best pokemon you can get in firered?

definitely Mew. but if you can't get Mew then probably Charizzard

On Pokemon ruby can you trade your Pokemon for mew and mew two?

Mewtwo, yes, if you have a FireRed or LeafGreen with Mewtwo.

How do you get mew in Pokemon FireRed without a gameshark or action replay?

Mew FireredIf you want to get mew you have to not go on the ship. But you have to trade over a Pokemon that knows surf. Once you do that you surf AROUND the ship and mew should appear.

Where are the rare Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

if you want a cheat on how to get a mew on your first trip to cerelean city go to youtube and search how to get a mew in leafgreen or firered. or simply type mew(never tried that) ^^

Can you get mew in Pokemon Pokemon FireRed?

after beating elite four 111 times you find him in the lost cave at lvl 29

Pokemon FireRed can you really get mew in Pokemon FireRed? have to have gone to the event.personally,i use cheat codes

How do you catch Mew3 in Pokemon FireRed?

Mew 3 doesn't exist and the only Mew-anything you can find is mew2 at the back of Cerulean Cave.

Where can you get mew in pokemon firered?

You can't get Mew without hacking. Mew can't be caught in fire red.

What Pokemon can you not find in Pokemon FireRed?

you can get every pokemon using codes you can get legendary pokemon such as mew regi's HO-OH Lugia every kind of pokemon

Where do you catch mew in Pokemon FireRed?

Cerulean cave