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A friend of mine did Wicca for a while and she told me about a website where she could find people in her area that do Wicca also. The site is called myspace; just go on there and make a profile.

You can find connections to numerous Wiccans through the websites listed under "Web Links" to the left. You can learn about the religion, see how it may effect your life, or make it whole. You may even find some people close to you that you may meet with in person.

Well, that depends on where you're at. Some cities or towns have covens that are very open to the public, whereas some are very secretive about it. Some may not even have a coven and all Wiccans there are solitary. I would say you should go to schools, colleges, bookstores (New Age section), any places that sales incense, candles, herds, etc. or anywhere where many people gather. Maybe Halloween stores. Find people who wear pentagrams, they may have answers. You can always go to online Wiccan sites to talk to people, see what they know.

A useful hint: Perhaps wear a pentagram yourself, people may identify you as a Wiccan and tell you what you want to know. Another MOST useful hint: Avoid churches!

In our area the local paper has an area under Inter-Faith Worship. All of the "new Age" book stores have bulletin boards where you can find information on the local Pagans and both the University and College have listings on their web-sites.

I do not recommend the "wear a pentagram" school of thought as not everyone who is pagan wears one (nor do they approach others who wear one) nor do all people wearing a Pentagram follow a Pagan path. If you are serious about contacting others of the path, ask the Universe, you'll be surprised what will "drop in your lap".

The best way to network with people practicing Wicca is to head to Witch Vox . I've tried myspace, meetup, and several other sites, but that is the best one, in my opinion. Easy to register, and very easy to find others near you.

In our area the local paper has an area under Inter-Faith Worship. All of the "new Age" book stores have bulletin boards where you can find information on the local Pagans and both the University and College have listings on their web-sites.

Look for contacts in your local new age store, and try setting up a "Moot" - local gathering for likeminded folk. You can advertise it via posters and internet forums. You'd be surprised how quickly this can grow.

A couple ways to meet fellow Pagans, Wiccans is to do a search for local relevant meetups. Meetups are US nationwide and are absolutely free to join. Its as they say quick and painless. You just need an email and a desire to join.

A different method is to check the yellow pages , phone directory for Pagan, Wiccan groups. One can find like minded people by searching Facebook.

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Q: How do you find other people interested in the Wiccan religion when you are new to the area?
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