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There are 2 issues.1: overheats,

2: under heats.

replace it if motor overheats.

if it under heats , the last person that worked on car put in the wrong gasket.

the correct gasket is as follows on 92

if the thermostat pit (where it drops into)

is 4mm deep then use only a rubber wrap around gasket.

if it is 1mm deep , use a paper gasket only.

never use both gaskets.

always use the correct gasket for your motor.

or it will over cool

and get horrible MPG.

see chapter 1 and 2 , 1.8L and 1.6L in that order

this all applies to all 90 to 98 kicks and trackers.

this happens because the auto stores are clueless and have not read the TSB i show on my page.

always post your symptoms first. and the answers get way better.

post car, type , year, and motor type.

You will have to remove it and test it to be sure. So therefore, you might as well replace it if you suspect it is bad.

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Q: How do you find out if the thermostat in a 1992 Suzuki Sidekick has gone bad?
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