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call or visit the dmv. have the car info with you.

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Q: How do you find out the name of the lien holder of a car?
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How do you find the lien holder if you only have the VIN of the car and no paperwork but you do have the car?

To find the lien holder of a vehicle, the registered owner of the vehicle will have to apply for a duplicate title. The VIN will be necessary to obtain the duplicate title. The lien holder will be listed on the duplicate title.

Can a person be a lien holder for a car?

A person can be the lien holder for anythimg

What is the limitation on a car with a lien on it before you can get the title?

If the car has a lien, you usually have to pay off the lien before you can get a clear title. Otherwise, in this state you have the name of the lien holder on the title.

What is an auto lienholder?

A lien holder is someone who has a financial interest in a car. It could be the bank you financed it from, or someone else who the car owner owes money to. The car owner's name is on the title with the lien holder's name so that you can't sell the car without the lien holder signing the title...this means that you don't owe the lien holder any money on the car. The car is now 100% owned by the title owner.

What is your liability as lien holder of a car?

A lien holder on a car title or car loan just means that person is the full owner of the car. If your car gets totalled or goes into default, the lien holder can retrieve the car from you because they have full ownership of the car. Lien Holders are used for lending purposes. This means the lien holder has no liability responsibility. The registered person on the car is required to have liability coverage on the car according to law and not hold the lien holder liability on the car if the car gets damaged or totaled. Lien Holder means they fully own the vehicle until the loan is paid off.

How do you get a car that has a lien on it in your name registered in your mother's name since she is the one who will be driving it?

A vehicle with a lien holder named on the title cannot be traded, transferred or sold without the title being cleared by the lien holder.

Lien holder on your vehicle?

The lien holder is the person or firm, you borrowed the money from to purchase the car.

Is a lien holder responsible if the car owner has an accident?

only if the lien holder caused the collision

How do you fill out lien release form for a car?

You don't. The only one who can fill out a lien relese is the lien holder. As the owner of the car you are not the lien holder. Take the title to whomever holds the lien and they will release it.

Can i repossess a car if have a lien on the tile?

If you are the lien holder, yes.

How do you register a car that you are purchasing from a lien holder?


Can you get a check from a claim to you directly when the car has a lien holder?

No. If processed correctly the check will be made out to you and the lien holder.No. If processed correctly the check will be made out to you and the lien holder.No. If processed correctly the check will be made out to you and the lien holder.No. If processed correctly the check will be made out to you and the lien holder.

How can you find out if a car has been financed?

Look at the registration card. Just below the name of the title holder is "lienholder." If there is a name or company name there, then there is a lien on the car and the person will not have a pink slip. If the person has a pink slip, there is no lien on the car. There may be other reasons for a lien to be on a car, but the most common is that the car has been financed and the load has not yet been paid off.

How do you put a car under your name if it has lien holder?

The lien holder from the previous owner needs to sign off on the sale before you can change the title. If you buy the car, but still owe money on it, you can get the title in your name with the previous owner as lienholder.

Can a lien holder repossess your car?


Can your car be repossessed if there is no lien holder on title?


How do you find out information on lien holder on your title?

The name of the lien holder should be written on the certificate of title. You can also check the status of the title by visiting your state department of motor vehicles website. You can also visit the local office and ask the clerk to run a check for you.

Can a lien holder take my name of the reg of my car without me knowing?

A lien holder cannot take the registration name of your car without your knowledge because that is only possible through Application for a Duplicate Certificate of Title and proof of identification is a must.

What happens if you do buy a car or motorcycle that has a lien against it and you want to register it and you got the car with a bill of sale?

you will have to find out who has a lein on it have them fill out a fourm of lein satisfy. In most states a lien holder is recorded on the title and the lien holder will keep the title until the lien is paid off. After the lien holder is paid off, they will sign the title to release the lien and give/send the title to the owner. The title office can tell you who has a lien on the title.

When finacing a car should the title be in your name with the lien holders name?

There is a separate place on the title for the lien holder information. Unless you have borrowed the money from an individual.

How does a lien protect the lien holder on a car?

The lien holder owns the car until the loan is satisfied.

You want to sell your car to your daughter but you want to keep title until she pays off the loan how can I do it?

The car can be registered in her name with you being the lien holder. After the car is paid for, you can sign the release of lien and the car can then be registered solely in her name.

How do i sell a wrecked car i still owe money on?

You cannot sell a car you have a loan on if the lender has a lien on the vehicle. You will need permission from the lien holder to sell the car. If the lender has no lien on the vehicle then you can sell it if you wish. The title will list any lien holder.

How do you put lien on car that you are selling to a private party?

Record lien on title- as 1st lien holder

If you are selling a car and the purchaser is paying payments on the car can I be lien holder until they pay the car off?

If the car is still financed then that financier would be the lien holder. If you already hold title then you could technically be the lien holder and keep the title until the buyer pays it off but you would be held responsible for any registration related charges while it's still in your name.