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How do you find out the year on your small block Chevy 1006636?


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March 17, 2011 1:31AM

You have the part number there, and judging by it, you are somewhere in nthe 80's. However, there is a pad, right in front of the driverside cylinder head, that will tell you everything about it. If it is out of the car, on the bellhousing flange just off center, to the drivers side, you will see a letter, followed by 1, or 2 numbers, a space, and 1 more number. The letter, is the month, A, is Jan, B, is Feb, C, is March, and so on. The next 1, or 2 numbers, are the day of the month. The last number is the year. 1, would be 81, 2 would be 82, ect.