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Q: How do you find out what ram your PC takes?
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Is laptop RAM the same as PC RAM?

The RAM that is used for a laptop is not the same as the RAM that you would use in a desktop PC. The RAM that is used for a PC is much too big to be used in a laptop, so a laptop has to use a much smaller RAM card which is called SD-RAM.

How do you find out how much ram my PC can take?

You need to know the name of your motherboard. You can find this on your BIOS, which can be accessed by pressing a key your pc mentions you before booting. Depends on your startup menu. You need to read careful before the screen is gone and your PC starts booting. Then, when you know it, you can Google it and find out how much ram can you add

What type of files can not run with no ram?

If a PC has no RAM, the computer will not boot. So your answer is no files will run ... on a PC.

What to do if the PC get restart while playing or open game?

increase your pc ram or clean the ram by opening cpu

How do you use whatsapp on PC with less than 512mb ram?

I think it is time to buy a new PC with higher RAM.

What is ram what are the types of ram?

ram is temporary memory of pc,it is voltile memory.When we shut down our PC then all the data erase from ram. Types of ram: 1)SRAM 2)DRAM

How can RAM of PC be converted to graphics card RAM?

You can not convert the RAM that is on the PC to RAM for your graphics card. The only way to get RAM for a graphics card is to buy one that already has RAM on it. The graphics cards that have their own RAM are normally higher end ones that cost about $50-$70 for the cheapest ones.

What is the difference between PC-2700 and PC2-3200 RAM?

PC-2700 is DDR RAM at 333 MHz. PC2-3200 is DDR2 RAM running at 400 MHz. They are not interchangeable.

How can you tell if you need more RAM or ROM for PC?

when the PC start running super slow or simply cant run modern softwares... always check for the max ram that your motherboard can handle, for example i have one PC which it max ram is 2048mbs or 2gbs of ram, trying to put more ram that what the motherboard can handle can result in damaged equipment

What is best memory for PC?


Where does the system swap programs from RAM to when the PC starts running out of real RAM?

Page file

What is the use of ram in PC?

determines how many tasks your PC can handle at a time

What is ram seek time?

Ram seek time is the amount of time the ram takes to find the given piece of memory after receiving the command from the cpu. Average ram seek times are around 4-3 nano seconds.

Will the Ram drive remain in the memory if you you reboot your PC after booting from a startup disk?

no every data of ram gets erased as u boot the pc..

How much ram does a computer need to be considered a gaming PC?

It depends on the game itself, if the game needs only 2 GB of RAM, then 2 GB RAM would be sufficient for the gaming PC. But the optimal amount of RAM a gaming PC should have is 8 GB to support all the controls and graphics of the game.

Can I buy a PC with an i5 3470 or 3570 8gb ram and OS for under 500?

Not likely unless you can find a refurbished tower for that price.

What does PC 3200 mean?

PC 3200 refers to the speed of your RAM. PC 3200 and DDR 400 (the newer measurement) mean the same thing. These are the two ways that speed is expressed in terms of PC memory. It's the same with RAM capacity. It used to be so small we would say, this is a 16mb stick of RAM. Now, we say this is a 1GB stick of RAM, but it's still referred to as 1024MB.

How do you use USB as RAM?

You cannot have RAM connected to a PC via a USB Cable. RAM is something that is connected to the PC in the inside of the computer through ports etc. There are several RAM types. If you're looking to improve performance on your PC and have Vista as well as having a flash drive, you can use a special feature which allows the PC to create more virtual memory, which results in faster speed.

Why does your PC shutdown?

because its overheating you need a new PC cooler,or you have a low ram there you answer

Is it possible to use pc3200 ddr ram in a PC designed for pc2700 ddr ram?

It is possible to use pc3200 ddr ram in a PC designed for pc2700 ddr ram, but the pc3200 ram will only run at pc2700. If you want to fully exploit the pc3200 ram then you will have to buy a motherboard that will be able to support a speed equal to pc3200 or greater.

How can you find out how much RAM memory is in one's computer?

On a Windows PC, to find out how much RAM one's computer has, one must view their system files. First click on the Windows icon. Next navigate to Control Panel, then System and Security, then System. From there one will be able to view RAM installed.

Who controls PC software?

Random Access Memory (RAM) and Processor Controls PC Software.

Is 4gb of ram a lot?

4 GB is a good amount of RAM for a computer. 4 GB of RAM is recommended for top performance of your PC.

Which Control Panel applets will display the amount of RAM in your PC?


What is the measurement used for RAM speed?

RAM speed is measured in MHz, PC rating or NS (nanoseconds).