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How do you find shiny and legendary Pokemon?


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The Probability of encountering a shiny Pokemon is 1 out of 8192. This doesn't mean that every 8192 battles one a shiny Pokemon will be encountered, just that it's extremely improbable. It is possible to encounter a shiny rare Pokemon (The legendary birds, Regi, Mewtwo etc.) even eggs may hatch a shiny Pokemon. sources on the internet claim that breeding a shiny Pokemon grants a much higher chance of the offspring being shiny too. in which case the best way to get any shiny Pokemon would be to get a shiny Ditto (easier said than done)and breeding it with any Pokemon you want.

Breeding a shiny does increase the chance of hatching one to roughly 1:600, i believe, but then you have to hatch each and every egg individually because it is determined when the egg is made what the Pokemon is. That will take forever and most people give up before any success. Search "chaining shiny Pokemon" and you will find mass amounts of information on catching them with the pokeradar app. Basically if you see a Pokemon 40 times in a row the 41st will be shiny, but it is tricky.

For Legionaries, resetting seems to be the only legit way to do it, although there is rumor that if you just stand in front of the Pokemon for a few hours before attacking it will be shiny. The latter has not been tested.


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Everytime you encounter a Pokemon (legendary and non legendary Pokemon) you have a 1 in 8192 chance of it being shiny. SO save your game before you fight the legendary and if it isn' shiny restart it. It took me days to find 1 shiny legendary but it was well worth it

Everywhere! Anytime you find a Pokemon in the wild or even a legendary there's a super small chance it will be shiny.

i have no idea and isn't Pokemon shinygold a hack game

If your legendary Pokemon run away in Shiny Gold, there is no way of retrieving them again.

You can't catch shiny legendary Pokemon without cheats... sorry

litsen you cant get shiny lugia or any legendary Pokemon without AR codes.

You don't find them you get it by luck or if you have action replay you can use shiny Pokemon codes i want to have ledundary very muck please

You have a 1/8000+ chance to find a shiny. If you are trying to hatch one/find a legendary shiny, you have to save and restart the game a lot. Its all a matter of chance. In the hundreds of hours on all of my 6 games, I have found only one random shiny.

to get a shiny Pokemon there are 3 ways to get one 1. keep using your pokeradar to find one 2. every time you fight a legendary you have a 1 in 6000 chance of it being shiny 3. GTS

no, there is no way to make legendarys shiny or any Pokemon shiny but there is a way to clone them in battle tower.

Everytime you run into a wild Pokemon there is a very small chance that the Pokemon will have a different coloration this is known as a shiny Pokemon these are much more rare then a random legendary unless the legendary is shiny! There is a huge chance of not finding one it's almost like winning the lottery i believe it's 1 out of 8000 chances you find one.

no unless you are facing a fleeing legendary

The Shiny legendary code for Pokemon Emerald is rather long. It is listed as 83007CE40021, 83007CE60300, 53000020000F, 044800684589, 808900042843, 1860C0460148, 0047905D0003, 177C06080000.

You can get a shiny legendary 3 ways:1. Use an Action Replay Cheat!2. Hope you get LUCKY enough to get one without a cheat!and 3. Save the game before fighting legendary Pokemon and talk to it...if it ain't shiny then turn off game and repeat this until shiny legendary pops up!HOPE THIS HELPonly with AR codes or pokegen

for legendary Pokemon save your game before battling them then every time you start the battle check out its look it will look normal or shiny to tell if its shiny it will sparkle, if it doesn't sparkle reset the game, keep doing that until you get a shiny legendary Pokemon. For normal wild Pokemon find a route you feel like visiting that has a Pokemon your interested in catching if its not hard to find that makes it easier just roam the grass and keep finding the Pokemon eventually it will be shiny.yes or use a poke radar

you can find shiny Pokemon anywhere but they are REALLY rare.

It is extremely rare to find a shiny legendary Pokémon. It would take ages; You'd have to save, fight, see if its a shiny, then turn it off a load of times. You should buy a cheat cartridge for your game. (it may wreck your game but this is the only way to do it I'm afraid)

how do u find a shiny aipom in Pokemon silver how do u find a shiny aipom in Pokemon silver

1/8192 is the appearance rate for any shiny pokemon. The odds are no different with legendary pokemon.

that's what i want to know! add me as a friend my username is benparker410, and please message me if find out

The 11 Shiny Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon : Call of Legends series are: -dialga -palkia -suicune -raikou -entei -rayquaza -deoxys -lugia -ho-oh -kyogre -groundon

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