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How do you find short term medical insurance coverage for approximately 6 months until medicare kicks in?


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2008-12-06 04:19:50
2008-12-06 04:19:50

It depends on the insurance company, and whether or not they offer temporary coverage. The temporary coverage may also have age restrictions. If you are turning 65 and going on Medicare, you may qualify for their temporary coverage. BlueCross BlueShield of Florida offers temporary coverage up to age 65.


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Part D medical coverage refers to the section of the government provided medical insurance called Medicare. Part D medical coverage provides for drug benefits.

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Having private insurance does not make one ineligible for Medicaid or Medicare.

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Medicare has nothing to do with auto insurance. Medicare is a Federal program of medical care for the elderly. During one's working life, Medicare taxes are paid to provide the benefit upon retirement or disability. What you may be referring to is "medical payments coverage". It is a a coverage provided by auto policies that is available to pay a portion another party's medical bills in the event of a collision in which he/she is injured.

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For people that are elderly, the best health insurance is Medicare. The medicare part B plan is the best for people of a very advanced age. There are also various medicare supplemental coverage by the AARP.

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medical cov for US seniors

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