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well the ground is balck, power is yellow and red, and the remote is usually blue, to find the speakers you can get a AA battery and put the other wires to it and the speaker that makes a buzz that is the one it belongs to.

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Q: How do you find the radio harness color code for a 93 Altima?
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1997 Chevy Silverado OEM radio wiring harness color code chart?

A 1997 Chevrolet Silverado radio wiring harness color codes chart can be obtained from most Chevrolet dealerships. The wiring harness color code chart can also be obtained from most auto-parts stores.

What is the radio color code for a Chevy 95 cavalier factory wire harness?

What color is a hand saw?

If not about harness color code then color of steel that is dark gray.

What is the radio wiring color code for a 2008 Chevy silverado?

What is the radio wiring color code for a 2008 Chevy silverado

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Go to .

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What is a Chevy blazer 2001 stereo wiring color code?

Accesory DARK GREEN (+) RADIO HARNESS Ground BLACK (-) RADIO HARNESS Illumination GRAY (+) RADIO HARNESS Dimmer VIOLET/WHITE (-) RADIO HARNESS LF Speaker (+) TAN LF Speaker (-) GRAY RF Speaker (+) LIGHT GREEN RF Speaker (-) DARK GREEN LR Speaker (+) BROWN LR Speaker (-) YELLOW RR Speaker (+) DARK BLUE RR Speaker (-) LIGHT BLUE Steering Cntrls YES Speed Cntrl YES Radio Security YES

What is the radio unlock code for a 2006 Nissan altima?

they are unique to the radio the only way to get the code is to look in the owners manuel or by calling the dealer and some times for a fee. with the vin number the dealer will provide the proper code

What is wiring color code in door harness for the passenger door speaker on a 1997 ford expedition?

dont remember the color exactly, but if the factory harness is still there, the clip side that you push in to remove the harness is positive

Where can I find wiring color code for ignition switch wiring harness?

i know, burnt it.

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What is the wiring code for the stereo harness FOR MY 1997 FORD RANGER?

there should be a sticker on the radio itself that tells you

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