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relays will be found on inerfenders or firewall

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Q: How do you find the relays for the cooling fan on the radiator?
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Where do you find the fan relays on a 1997 Cadillac DeVille?

the cooling fan relays are behind and below the center of the radiator

Is a cooling fan relay and a radiator fan relay the same?

Yes. Cooling fan, engine fan, and radiator fan relays are all the same thing.

No power to radiator cooling fan?

Check the fuses, check the relays and check the temp switch.

Where is the cooling fan relay located in the 2004 Chrysler sebring?

The cooling fan relay on the 2004 Chrysler Sebring is in the engine compartment fuse box. There are actually two cooling fan relays in this fuse box. One is a high speed radiator fan relay and the other is a low speed radiator fan relay.

Relay - Radiator Cooling Fan Motor?

The radiator fan relay is commonly located under the hood. Depending on the vehicle and model, the relay should be in a distribution box with the other relays.

Where do you find the automatic switch for the cooling radiator fan on1992 ford escort lx?

The sensor for the cooling fan is in the water outlet housing. There are 2 sensors. One provides information for the temperature gauge and the other sends information to the computer PCM to control the radiator fan speeds. The CCRM has the relays for the fan high and low speeds.

Where are the radiator cooling fan relays on a 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser?

The two relays are located on the right (passenger) side of the fan shroud. 99% of the time the reason the low speed fan is not running is due to the fan motor itself and not the relay(s).

How many cooling fan relays does an 02 Buick rendezvous have?

3 relays

Where is a cooling fan control circuit relay located on a Cadillac Seville sls?

In front of the lower part of the radiator You will see 3 relays

Where are the cooling fan relays in a 1998 Mercury Tracer?

On a 1998 Mercury Tracer, the cooling fan relays are located in an engine compartment box. The compartment box should be labeled 'Cooling Fan 40 amp.'

Where is the cooling fan switch?

Cooling fan switches can be located on the radiator or the thermostat housing.

Where do i find the cooling fan relay on a 1999 cadillic eldorado.?

n the front behine the fan at the bottom you will see 3 relays middle for the fan

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