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Isn't it on the title, registration, and insurance card? Find vin# and count from left the tenth diget,if it's a letter 1999 was a Z,1998 was a Y/now If it a number: 2000 is a 0 and so fouth

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Q: How do you find the year a Kawasaki motorcycle was made?
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How do you find out what year kawasaki motorcycle engine you have by the engine numbers?

Kxo80ofe005158 engine number cant find a frame one can u tell me wat year

First year for motorcycle fuel injection?

1980 kawasaki kz1000g1

What company produces the Z650 motorcycle?

The Z650 motorcycle that was produced by the company Kawasaki during the year 1976 to the year 1983 before it was discontinued. There was 21 different models of this motorcycle.

What year would this Kawasaki motorcycle be The VIN jkkxwl11001899?

1/ 8 /1999

Versys is type of motorbike from what brand?

Versys is a type of motorbike made by Kawasaki. The Versys was fist made in 2006 and won the award for motorcycle of the year by motorcyclists magazine in 2008.

A kawasaki kx85 weighs how much?

A 2015 Kawasaki KX 85 weighs 165 pounds. A different year Kawasaki KX 85 motorcycle may vary in weight by a little but not more than 10 or so pounds.

How do find what year a 220 bayou is?

if you find the VIN# you can call any Kawasaki dealership and get the year.

What year frame will fit on a 2002 zx6r kawasaki motorcycle?

im told the frames will fit from 1999 thru 2002

What would be the first year of fuel injection on a Kaw 1000 police motor?

1980 was the first year that kawasaki motorcycle z1000h introduced fuel injection. Power was now up but it made the bike heavier and cost more.

What year is the kawasaki kmx 125cc made?

1986 to 2003

How do you obtail a VIN for imported motorcycle?

i am trying to find the year of this motorcycle and model jm2he0438wk201240

What was the name of the first motorcycle made by Big Dog motorcycles?

The first motorcycle that Big Dog motorcylces made was called 'Old Smokey'. This was the only motorcycle that was made in their first year of business.

What was the first year they made the Kawasaki 1500 vulcan classic?


Find out year of your kawasaki kx 250 by frame number?


How do you find out the year on a Kawasaki 4 wheeler?

find the vin number on the frame call the dealer

What was the last year the original Indian motorcycle was made?


what addition is this motorcycle?

What addition is this bike? How many were made this year.

Did Edwin butler invent the first ever motorcycle?

Edwin Butler invented the first ever motorcycle. He did this in the year 1884 in England. Gottlieb Daimler made a motorcycle that used gasoline a year later.

How do you find the manufacture year of a kawasaki klx 250 by chassis number?

The tenth character from the left is the manufacture year.

When did BSA release the Goldstar motorcycle?

BSA released the Goldstar motorcycle in the year 1938. It came in 350 cc and 550 cc. The motorcycle was a single-cylinder four-stroke. It was made until the year of 1963.

The year of this kawasaki kx 60 vin is jkakx060bba053755?

The tenth digit in a Kawasaki's VIN represents the year it was made. "B" is listed as either a 1981 or 2011. This particular VIN is not showing any company records so a call to Kawasaki's customer service might be helpful.

Where is the starter on kawasaki 1500?

Were is located the starter in a kawasaki 1500cc year 97

How do you find out what year and model Honda motorcycle you have?

up front on frame. it tells model and year

What year is your kawasaki?

i have a kawasaki kx80 . the vin # is kx080ae010087 . does any one know the year and what the mix is for my fuel

How can you find out the year of a Kawasaki 250 using the VIN number?

go to then type in the vin.