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He have 6 timing marks.3 on gear 3 on cover.first one is on the gear of the timing belt,it's just a small punch.aling between the other mark on the cover,small notch,on the compression of piston # 1.piston # 1 is on the back on passenger side.The other one is on the gear of the cam,small punch to aling with the small mark,it's on the back cover.third one same as the second one.

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Q: How do you find timing marks for a 1993 Mercury Villager?
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How do you timing a mercury villager 1993?

Timing is set by the PCM and is not adjustable.

What is the timing adjust for a 1993 mercury villager?

Timing is set by the PCM and is not adjustable.

When do you replace a timing chain on a 1993 Mercury Villager?

The engine in the Mercury Villager does not use a timing chain, it uses a timing belt. The recommended belt replacement interval is 105,000 miles.

Do you have a 1993 mercury villager timing belt diagram?

yes. so suck on that

Test timing belt 93 mercury villager?

There is no way to 'test' a timing belt. On your 1993, Mercury suggests it be replaced every 64K miles.

When was Mercury Villager created?

Mercury Villager was created in 1993.

Is the engine in a 1993 mercury villager a non-interference engine?

No , according to the Gates website ( they make timing belts etc. ) the 3.0 liter V6 in a 1993 Mercury Villager ( is an interference engine )

Does 1993 mercury villager have a interference engine?

No, the 3.0 V6 in a 1993 Mercury Villager is NOT and interference engine.

1993 Mercury villager 3.0 liter has rough idling changed the timing belt and other things?

Hopefully you got the timing marks lined up? What else did you add? Plugs? Were they gapped properly? Wires? Are they on tight? What exactly is "other things"?

How do you install a knock sensor in a 1993 mercury villager?

the elictronic control sinsor at on a 93 mercury villager

Where is the cruise control module of 1993 Mercury Villager?

The cruise control module of a 1993 Mercury Villager is located under the passenger side of the dashboard.

Is the engine in a 1993 Mercury Villager the same size as the engine in a 1996 Mercury Villager?

Yes, exactly the same.

How many exhaust manifolds does a 1993 mercury Villager have?

There are ( 2 EXHAUST MANIFOLDS ) on your 1993 Mercury Villager 3.0 liter V6 engine

What are the values of the timing marks on a 1993 dodge daytona 2.5 liter engine?

location timing marks 1993 dodge datona

Does a 1993 Mercury Villager have a carburetor?

Yes, the 1993 Mercury Villager was a 1992 Nissan Quest. The last year Nissan used a Carburetor on a Quest. Fuel injection system replaced the carburetor in 1993.

Where can you get a backseat to a 1993 mercury villager?

Salvage yard.

Where is the starter solenoid on a 1993 Mercury Villager?

On the starter.

Where is cruise control computer module located at on 1993 mercury villager?

The cruise control computer module is located on the passenger's side of the engine compartment on a 1993 Mercury Villager.

What size windshield wiper blades are used on a 1993 Mercury Villager?

The 1993 Mercury Villager takes 22" replacement windshield wiper blades on both sides front.

What are the timing marks for 1989 Toyota Camry?

timing marks 1993 yoyota Camry 2200

Where can you find repair manual for 1993 mercury villager?


Timing marks for a 1993 Geo Metro?

The timing marks on a 1993 Geo Metro are located on the on the camshaft and crankshaft sprockets. They must be aligned together to ensure proper initial timing.

The diaghram on the timing marks for 1993 sporster 1200?

i need to know where the timing marks should be on a 93 sporster .

What are the timing marks for a 1993 3.1L 6 cylinder?

The timing marks can be found on the front main pulley and the flywheel. The timing marks indicate when a certain piston is at the top of its stroke.

How do you remove main fuse 1993 mercury villager?

Look in the fusebox.