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If you are born in Germany it should not be a problem to get it with the registration office of the city you were born.

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How do you obtain a German birth certificate?

You can contact the embassy in the US to get it done for you.

Can you go to a local passport office to get your German birth certificate?


How can an adopted person find their birth mother?

Ask your adoptive mother or father to see your birth certificate (if possible) or your adoption certificate. The birth certificate will probably help a little more, but the adoption certificate will work just fine. These documents are KEY in finding your birth mother.Find your birth mother's name. It should be on the certificate.Google her!

Where can you find out where you were born?

Look on your birth certificate.

How can you find get my birth certificate at bellevue hospital?

A person will not be able to get the birth certificate from Bellevue hospital. They will need to visit the health department in that area to order a birth certificate. Hospitals do not carry them.

Where can you find the code on a build a bear?

You find on the birth certificate, on the bottom.

How do you find out where a person was born?

it should be on their birth certificate

Where can you find a blank birth certificate?

The Pirate Bay

Is an authorized birth certificate the same as a certified birth certificate?

The authorized birth certificate may refer to the Original birth certificate rather than the Copy of the Birth Certificate.

Where can you get your birth certrficate?

Well your mother should have your birth certificate but you can find it in the hospital where you were born.

Where can you find your birth certificate number?

department of vital certificates

How do you find a birth certificate when you only have mothers name and city of birth and approximate birth date?


Where can you find a image of Nikola Tesla birth certificate?

I posted his certificate in the related links box below.

How does a father find out if he is on the birth certificate?

Go to vital records and request a copy of birth records. Ask to see Childs school file with birth record in it. If you are not on the birth certificate, you cannot request a copy.

Can adoption certificate be just for a birth certificate?

No. Birth and Adoption certificate are different

where can i go to get my birth certificate?

You need to find the registrar office in the county where the birth took place.

Do you have to put your husband on a birth certificate even if he is not the father?

No, you put the father on the birth certificate! Then it wouldn't be a birth certificate!

Is a birth certificate a power of attorney?

No. A birth certificate is an official record of your birth.

Marie curie birth certificate?

she was 10ibs when she was born and you can not find it on the web

Is there an easy way to find your father without his name?

Birth Certificate.

How can you find out if a birth certificate is authentic?

There should be a seal from the hall of records.

Can a grandparent sign the birth certificate?

No. Not if they are not the parent. Signing a birth certificate is acknowledgement of parentage.No. Not if they are not the parent. Signing a birth certificate is acknowledgement of parentage.No. Not if they are not the parent. Signing a birth certificate is acknowledgement of parentage.No. Not if they are not the parent. Signing a birth certificate is acknowledgement of parentage.

Is a certificate of live birth a birth certificate in Hawaii?


Where can I get my birth records from?

Given that you have some information like Birthday, Social Security Number, and state of birth, you should be able to obtain a copy of your birth certificate from the county auditor. On your birth certificate, you will find a record of your parents.

How do you get a birth certificate if you do not know where you were born?

You would have to find people that knew or were there at your time of birth and have them write a affidavit.

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