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If you are talking about the electric low pressure diesel lift pump in the tank, then its a bit of a messy one, but not too hard to do.

Lift up the rear seats, and you will see a round plastic cover in the floor behind the drivers seat. Remove the cover to expose a hole in the floor. Under the hole in the floor you will see the electric pump, it has two pipes going in, and an electrical connectio.

First, remove the electrical connector, and the pipes. The pipes have a push lock to keep them from falling off in use, so you will need to compress the lock to remove them. They are pretty rigid, and there isn't a whole lot of room, so take your time.

around the top of the fuel pump is a locking ring. You need to remove this, and it is going to be pretty stiff. You may want to resort to a hammer and a broad headed screw driver!

Once the ring is loose, you will need to pull the pump up, then twist it and wiggle it free. The hole is NOT directly over the fuel pump, that would make this too easy, its actually offset to right. Make sure you have plenty of rags and wipes as there is going to be a fair amount of diesel that could drip around the interior of your car if you are not careful or prepared. The fuel gauge sender unit is also built into the fuel tank, so keep in mind the metal stalk and float at the bottom of the pump.

Make sure to remove the rubber seal from around the pump carefully as you will not usually get a replacement with the pump. Also, the plastic fuel tank can warp once the pump is removed, and if you leave it a long time, fitting the new pump can be a right Horror!

Take care with the new pump, especially the fuel gauge sender unit, dont bend the arm! Fitting is simply the reverse of removing, take extra care to ensure that the pipes are connected tightly and once fitted that there no leaks from the pipes or the collar.

This took me about 30 minutes to remove and about the same to fit the new one, but that was with numb fingers in -5 centigrade temperatures, your own results may of course vary!

Best of luck!

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Q: How do you fit a new diesel pump on a 306?
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How do you change 98 a4 diesel pump?

Remove the belt from your diesel pump. Remove the diesel pump fuel lines. Remove the diesel pump retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new diesel pump.

Is it illegal to pump your own diesel gas in New Jersey?

Yes it is.

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how do you fit a new water pump on Audi a6

How do you fix dishwasher that doesn't drain?

You need to fit new pump.

How do you change a electric fuel pump on a peugeot 306 hdi estate?

Begin by removing the wiring harness from your fuel pump. Remove the fuel pump fuel line. Remove the fuel pump retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new fuel pump.

Do High pressure diesel fuel pump leak on 2002 santa fe?

YES they do and all have this fault .you need go to diesel specicalty and skim and new gaskets

No fuel to filter after installing new fuel pump on dodge with cummins diesel?

The lift pump must have failed, or the pick up tube in the tank has broken.

How to change out a water pump on a series 60 Detroit diesel?

To change out a water pump in a Series 60 Detroit diesel, you need to locate the water pump in the engine. You need the right tools to remove all the fittings and take the pump out, them replace it with a new one. The owners manual has a list of all engine parts and diagrams.

What might cause a 1983 Mazda B2200 diesel to leak diesel from the back of the injector pump?

Low sulphur diesel is more than likely to blame, older pumps espically rotary pumps are prone to the new diesel with low sulphur levels, will need to be removed and rekitted, the sulphur is a lubricant in diesel, best to use some ATF bout 200ml with every tank once pump is overhauled

Will new ultra low sulfur fuel harm old diesel motor?

spposedly the new fuel will not harm older engines.the new fuel has chemical additives to replace the sulphur in old diesel. sulpher is a lubricator in the pump amd injectors

How do you change an oil pump on a ford f-250 6.9 diesel?

Remove the oil pan, unbolt the pickup tube and pump and replace it with the new pump. You may have to loosen up the engine mounts to jack up the engine for room to work on every thing. I recomend a new pickup tube with the new oil pump.

How do you fix a vauxhall astra van diesel as air lock in diesel pipes as i put new filter on?

First post. What you need to do is fill the fuel pump up with diesel and then start it. that avoids these stupid vauxhalls to get airlock. however, now you got to fill the fuel pump with diesel and then tow it and then bump start it. that will allow the vehicle to unair-lock. hope that helps

Turn up the fuel on your 1995 dodge diesel?

A torque plate is the cheapest, but having a diesel performance shop adjust the injection pump and install new governor springs is a great mod.

Do you need to replace the wiring harness on your new fuel pump?

Sometimes you do. If the new fuel pump came with a substitute harness you will need to. The reason is that a change has occurred possibly due to a recall and the old harness won't fit the replacement pump.

Can diesel fuel replace heating oil?

yes it can in a pinch but its not good to for long. the new diesel fuel has no lubercation in it and it will ruin the pump..... i speak from experience. To use it just dump a gallon of clean (no dirt or gravel) used motor oil along with 10-20 gallons of diesel fuel. It will keep the pump lubed and won't affect the furnace at all.

Nissan primera diesel 2000 cuts out and wont restart could bio fuel cause any problems?

new injector pump

How do you replace a 2004 dodge 2500 engine water pump?

if this is a diesel, it is the easiest water pump to change remove serpentine belt remove water pump. install new pump reinstall serpentine belt pump is on front of engine just left of fan as you stand in front and look at engine

How do you get diesel out of an Isuzu trooper?

you have to drop the tank, flush it, replace the fuel pump, flush the fuel lines (if you ran it before realizing you had put diesel in it) replace the filter and hope you didnt get any sprayed into the piston area by the fuel pump. if so you might as well buy a new engine.

Cost of fixing diesel pump on a vauxhall combo van?

It takes about £1000 to install a new pump and around £300 for a reconditioned fuel pump ECU unit on a vauchall combo van. The price range may vary with the place of repair.

Can you change an ecu on a astra diesel pump?

yes you can. It unbolts and you can swap for a new/ repaired one. Try eBay - people do it on there for a bit cheaper normally.

Does a peugeot 306 diesel engine fit a peugeot 206?

Probably could make it fit with a lot of work. Its not something i would do though, far too much to convert. As well as the engine you will need custom engine mounts, new fuel tank, fuel lines, engine wiring harness, engine ecu, display clocks. Upon this you have the fact that the 206 is a multiplexed wiring system with lots of control ECUs, so getting it to integrate with the older 306 ecu etc(if at all possible), would not be too simple. ALL THIS IS IF THE ENGINE AND GEARBOX EVEN FIT!!!! If you want my opinion, as a Peugeot technician for years, dont bother even trying.

Will Peugeot 306 gti6 brakes fit a Peugeot 106 gti?

yes, but the carrier will need grinding on one of the corners. may also be better off with new lines as well.

Ive got a Ford Mondeo on a m plate and i need to find out how to bypass the immobilizer?

you can easily bypass the transponder on a ford diesel.What you have to do is remove the injector pump then take out the fuel cut off switch,drill it and fit a standard fuel cutoff switch.Then simply wire a positive from the ignition to the new fuel cut off switch and starter fit the new pump and its done.The car will take some starting for the first time as the diesel will be a pain to get through.Iv done this many times and it works every time

How to replace a water pump on a 1996 ford f-250 diesel?

to replace water pump on diesel first you remove the serpentine belt from the water pump pulleu next you remove the fan and fan clutch you will need 2 special wrenches for this next dump the radiator coolant and disconect radiator hoses at water pump then using 8 mm socket remove the bolts that hold water pump to block clean old gasket from durface of block install new pump and gasket replace everything else is reverse of pulling it apart

How do you replace a fuel pump for a 1996 GMC Sonoma The pump is held in place by a 4inch snapring and the problem is the new fuel pump does not seem to go down far enough for me to replace the ring?

the pump you have may be the rong one or you must use the greese that comes with the new pump and put it on the new O-ring then you must line up the tab facing the front and push down hard the pump is spring loaded so it will go down and the O- ring is a tight fit.