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tools required;-1x17mm socket or spanner 1x19mm " 2x22mm 1x30mm hammer and screwdriver for dustcap 2x jacks or 1x jack and some bricks i am in the process of doing this job and i have not broken anything yet! 1 my local car shop says 29 quid for a repair kit or 44 for a recon arm do not know cost of new. 1jack up car 2 remove rear wheel 3lower car onto something that supports trailing arm(i used an old car battery) 4remove lower damper retaining bolt ithink it was a17 or 19 head 5raise the car off the support the arm should hang down mine was slightly stiff ijust pushed down a bit 6 the spring and plastic retaining cup should just drop out 7 support the arm 8 undo the nut at the front of the arm(22mm) this was very stiff you will probably need along ratchet or breakers bar do not forget the bolt head also 22mm. 9 ihave withdrawn the bolt but probably should have left it in place. 9.5 prise off the dust cap off the centre of the hub 10 this is how far i have got 11 tomorro i shall remove the hub the centre nut needs 30mm socket which took me ages to find so igave up for today back at it tomorrow 12 i shall then remove the brake line,handbrake cable and brakeparts 13 refitting should be the op[osite of removal * you will need to bleed the brake line afterwards Mike 2

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โˆ™ 2008-05-12 06:56:33
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Q: How do you fit a trailing arm to a Fiat Punto?
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Yes,they are the same,i have done this.

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The answer is no. The 1.2 Punto is not and interference fit and therefore the valves do not get damaged by turning over without a cam belt.

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unscrew speakers cut of connector connect wires to speakers screw speakers in replace cover done

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Punto wheels will not fit a 206. Punto wheels are 4x98. Check with your local tire dealer to find the correct tires for your vehicle.

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you cannot use a diesel gearbox with a petrol engine, u will crack and warp the head.. there no ay you can combine the two ..... i know why you want to dou this, bacuse the 1.9 d is expensive right lol. i can suggest you transfer the engine either because the car is diesel its just wont work soz mate ...

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Yes it will fit you would be better of changing box with engine and fuel setup is different so ecu will also have to be changed. fuel pump in tank should be the same but worth checking carefull removing this pump + installing as they are easilly coroded and intake/return snap off. ecu may need recoding as may well eat the petrol but this is minor and very cheap to fix

How do you fit alloy wheels to a fiat punto?

Get the correct fitment for your car. Go online and find out what specs you need first. Then ask your dealer/ supplier about the stock availability. See below for the wheel specs of Punto ModelYearRimsizeRim OffsetPCDCentre BoreTyre SizeGRANDE PUNTO: 5 DOOR06>106X15434X10056.6175/65R15GRANDE PUNTO08>106X15434X10056.6175/65R15PUNTO99>035X13354X9858.1155/80R13PUNTO94>994.5X13354X9858.1155/70R13STILO01>076X15374X9858.1195/65R15

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yes it will but if theres no lum yoy will have to make one

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how to fit new glow plugs in a r reg 97 fiat scudo 1.9td van

How much should a new exhaust cost to fit at a high street garage for a fiat punto?

I would say it depends on were you go but just fitting will be labour cost £40 and hourly £10 all together £60 tops.

Can you fit a CD player in your fiat stilo that has a factory fitted radio?

Fitting cd in fiat stilo

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Yes altough you'll need different bolts

Will a mk2 punto gearbox fit a mk2b punto sports?

yes it can, the reversing sensor and connection just needs moving that's all

How do you fit new front speakers on a Fiat Punto MK II b 2004?

You Take the mesh cover off which is where the speaker is behind. you then unscrew the speaker and remove the cable from the back and swap it with an aftermarket one if you want better quality sound

How do you fit fiat punto light bulbs?

I have a fiat punto 1998 1.2. With the back lights, theres 2 large holders screwed in just above the boot (inside) there will be a tool in your spare wheel holder to undo it, once both unscrewed you can take off the back light and unscrew to screws that holds on the lenses, besure not to drop it. once the 2 screws have been removed you can then release the bulbs and change them as required. just repeat backwards to replace and becareful not to loose the tool to undo the holders.

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Veyron W16

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I want to replace the engine in my 1997 Fiat Ducato Camper van , what others will fit and suit , she is fitted witha 1.9 Turbo at present.

What exactly is a Fiat new car?

The Fiat 500 is the newest Fiat available. This new vehicle has been redesigned to fit the needs in the US. It features a powerful engine and fuel efficiency.