How do you fix Mercedes 93 190e fuel lines?

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How do you replace a tumbler on a Mercedes 190e?

If your steering wheel is lock then it is tricky. Pry out the silver washer from the ignition key lock. Then you will need to cut the ignition switch cover with a hex saw. This process means you won't be able to use your key. You will need to get a new iginition key lock and key. If your steering wh ( Full Answer )

How do you fix the power locks on a Mercedes-Benz 1986 190E the outside key will lock the doors but won't unlock them?

Answer . The door/trunk locks run off a vacuum system. The pump is located under the rear seats. If you have this sort of problem with the locks, you can typically hear the pump continuing to run for perhaps 45 seconds after you have locked the doors/trunk. Diagnosis: you need a new lock, or a ( Full Answer )

Where is the fuse for the sunroof at Mercedes 190E?

Answer . First, check your owners' manual, but I believe it is located in the fuse box which is located under the hood on the right in a plastic box. The fuses should be examined to see which one(s) shows a broken medal post which indicates the need for replacement.

How do you fix the tachometer on a Mercedes 190E?

It depends on what is wrong with it.The tachometer takes input from the revolutions of the engine, so can you identify if the connection in the engine is okay, or if the connection to the actual guage(tachometer) on the dash is okay.A test would be to get a working instrument panel,replace yours and ( Full Answer )

Where is the fuel pump relay on 1988 190e Mercedes?

The fuel pump relay on this model is located in the right corner, behind the battery.. You can find maybe two relays if you have an OEM AC mounted and the one for the fuel pump is the closer to the cabin.. JF. The fuel pump relay on this model is located in the right corner, behind the battery.. ( Full Answer )

Where is the return fuel line on a 93 Saturn SL2?

the fuel return line is on your fuel rail. it is part of the Pressure regulator assembly. Please view my Bio for access to my Saturn help site. in the fuel folder, go to Fuel pressure lines. the return line is highlited in green for you

Where is fuel injector Mercedes 190e?

Answer . The fuel injector is located under the air-cleaning unit in the engine. The air-cleaning unit is held in place by 3 nuts, once loosened the unit lifts off to expose the injector and air intake manifold..

Where is the fuel filter on a 1991 Mercedes 190e?

under the underbelly of car towards the back on drivers side there is a compartment areaunscrew the wing nuts or scres that hold the platic compartment door and youll see 3 or 4 componenets the fuel pump 1 or 2 of them the accumulator and the fuel filter

Is a Mercedes 190e fast?

No. The 2.6 goes well for it's age. Why would want to drive these cars fast anyway No. The 2.6 goes well for it's age. Why would want to drive these cars fast anyway i have a 190e 2.3 and it will do 140 mph, which for me is fast enough.

Where is fuel cap release on 1998 Mercedes 190E?

There is no such thing as a 1998 190E, BTW - It was replaced by the C-class in 1993... On my Mercedes (1984) there is no cap lock, when you lock or unlock the doors, the gas latch (door) is locked or unlocked automatically.

Where is the fuel pump on a 1983 190e?

it should be in the fuel tank wich is in the trunk behind rear seat. I have a 1993 190 and that is where the tank is on mine. Hope this helps. it will probably be covered with the carpeting.

How do i open the fuel door on Mercedes 190e?

make sure the trunk is unlocked - then just push on the forward end of the cover door and it should tilt open. The trunk lock will also lock the fuel door.

Where is the fuel filter located on the 190e 2.6 Mercedes Benz?

The fuel filter is located underneath the car, directly between the back seat doors; however, if you are jacking-up your car, it is much easier to reach it by using the drivers side. Once you have the car leveraged, you will notice a cover/panel (note: the older the model, the more it will look l ( Full Answer )

93 Mercedes Benz 190E Bosch Sampler Blower Motor What is it for?

the sampler fan pulls cabin air across a temperature sensor so the automatic climate control can figure out the interior temperature. sometimes when they get noisy you can quiet them by blowing a short blast of compressed air into the air inlet to knock the dust off the fan blades.

How do fix the turn signals for 84 Mercedes Benz 190E?

1. Check to make sure the hazard switch is clean and functioning properly. Try excersizing it a few times.. 2. If the blinker stays on, (ie doesn't click on and off) suspect the combination relay which controls the hazard lights and turn signals, and possibly the wipers as well.. John Cacavas. jc ( Full Answer )

How much would it cost to fix a Mercedes Benz 190e alternator?

A place called Automotive Exchange on Twain Street in San Diego (ask Google) just quoted me $85 to rebuild an alternator for my friends '93 190c, and I will have them do it, although I have done this many times in the past. They have a driver coming here anyhow and will give me free pickup of my old ( Full Answer )

Where is wiper fuse Mercedes 190e?

Be sure your vehicle is turned off. . Open the hood. . Open the fuse box (upper right side by base of window near driver) . Read the top of the plastic fuse box cover. . Remove fuse by pushing up toward driver's seat, then lift out vertically. It is safe to touch them with your bare hands, it ( Full Answer )

How do you turn on wipers on Mercedes 190E?

To turn on the wipers, you twist the indicator knobat the tip in a forwards fashion. To switch them off, you do the reverse and twist the tip backwards towards you.. To turn on the wipers, you twist the indicator knobat the tip in a forwards fashion. To switch them off, you do the reverse and twist ( Full Answer )

The voltage regulator blew out all electrical on 93 Mercedes 190e Got important things fixed but hard to start now especially when its cold What could the problem be?

This is probably a separate issue. Most 190e's with the 2.6l engine are known to be rather troublesome in cold, and wet weather. As I live in Maine, we get a lot of that... The most common solution is to replace the cold start sensor. This will keep you from having to give your car a shot of startin ( Full Answer )

How do you drain the fuel tank on a 190e?

Well the way I just did mine was to loosen the 1/2" line to the fuel pumps and wiggle it off the Barbed fitting. But have a gas can or 2 ready with funnel. It is extremely Dangerous as fuel will shoot out quickly before you make it in to the can. Have no tools or any metal objects close that could c ( Full Answer )

How do you fix fuel gage on 1984 Mercedes 300d?

9 out of 10 times its the sending unit gunked up from 25+ years of crud and just needs a good cleaning. - 1. Remove the first aid kit and holder from rear deck. Look inside the opening and you will see a wire connector on top of the fuel sending unit. 2. To remove the unit with a REALLY big ad ( Full Answer )

Is there a fuse for gauges on a 190e Mercedes?

yes there is . under the hood on the drivers side , you will find a fuse box , it is the white one in the center row of fuses third from the left . you will know if that fuse is bad if your cruse-control and your back-up lights also do not work , they are all on the same fuse !

How do you troubleshoot fuel system on a Mercedes Benz 190E?

hi . my name brian carpenter .i have a problem with my 1989 190E 2.6 mercedes when i start the car it and put foot down it sounds like as if its starvin for fuel but when it is idling and i put foot down it dies on it was doin this for about 6 weeks . can you please help me some were . i dont ( Full Answer )

How do you find a fuel line leak in a 93 dodge spirit?

First state whether it is a confirmed leak; many times it is not a metal fuel line which is actually leaking fuel, but a hose or connector. Other times it isn't either, but the strong gasoline odor is caused by the VAPOR RECOVERY CANISTER or "charcoal canister" which saturates with gasoline and emit ( Full Answer )

How do you pull a Mercedes 190E?

Put the key in the #2 position and put it in neutral, there is a safety in the rear wheels if you don't have the key in the #2 position that will lock the brakes. I had the same problem.

How do you remove the ignition from a Mercedes 190E?

I guess you are talking about to remove the ignition cable from connecting with spark plugs, you just need to pull it out by hand, pls don't hold the cable but to hold the boot (end) and pull it out, same for the both end.