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Either get a new belt, or take some sandpaper and lightly sand your pullies. Thank you for the advice. The recommendations have been printed out and will be provided to my mechanics at a future appointment. The recommendation worked and because I forgot to buy a new belt, I simply "roughed" it up a little bit with the same scouring pad and the squeaking has stopped.

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โˆ™ 2007-09-04 20:50:12
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Q: How do you fix a 1995 Cherokee Country squeaky serpentine belt which is in good condition that mechanics have recently tightened yet it continues to squeak and seems to get worse with wet weather?
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there is no serpentine belt on an '86. there is a v-belt and a timing belt. the v-belt is tightened by moving the alternator. the timing belt is tightened by rotating the inner core of the tensioner. the inner core is eccentricly mounted, i.e. if you rotate it, the tensioner moves. there is a serpentine belt alond with two independent belts.

What is a serpentine belt in a car?

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There is no idle vacuum line on P/S. I don't know how you tightened a serpentine belt when their is no provision for doing that. The tension is controlled by the idler tension pulley. If you are referring to a normal drive belt, then set the deflection at mid point of the belt to approximately 1/4". Check with Chrysler for the exact specs on deflection.

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