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I would verify that there is not a tape in the unit already. In some units, the tape drops nearly out of sight when inserted, so it may not be obvious. If there is a tape inside and there are no other indications, such as the tape icon on the display, then you are looking at removal of the unit for repair.

If there is no tape inside, then more details would be needed...

1) When attempting to insert the tape, does it run into a physical stop or is it that the machine doesn't pull it in all the way when it is inserted.

2) When did it stop working? Under what conditions did if fail?

3) Does the rest of radio/cassette/(CD?) work normally?

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Q: How do you fix a 1999 Town and Country car stereo that will not take the cassette when you insert it in the player?
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how do I install a stereo transmitter?

Stereo transmitters can be plugged straight into the car stereo. If you have a cassette transmitter all you have to do is insert it into the cassette player. Just make sure the radio stations are the same in order to hear the music.

How can you play audio cassette tapes in your car if there is no cassette player?

I suggest getting a portable cassette player and hook it up to a FM transmitter. However, it would be much less of a hassle to buy a different stereo for your car that has a cassette player.

Does the 2007 Infiniti G35 come with a cassette player?

Yes, the 2007 Infiniti G35 comes with not only a cassette player, but a CD player and AM/FM radio stereo as well.

Can I have a cassette deck installed into my car stereo?

No but you could replace the stereo with a radio/cassette or just add a cassette deck mounted next to it.

How can you add an MP3 player to the factory car stereo on a 1996 Chevy Cavalier?

You need to buy an mp3 player and get a cassette adapter for your headphone jack. If you have a cassette in the car.

When was the home stereo invented?

The home stereo was invented by the German-Brazilian Andreas Pavel in 1977. It was also known as the audio cassette player.

How can cassetee car stereo be converted into that running pen drive songs?

You cannot cheaply 'convert' a car cassette stereo to accept a usb pen drive. You can get a cassette - to - ipod adapter that allows you to plug a MP3 player through a cable into an adapter that loads into the cassette slot. Pick up a cheap MP3 player and copy the MP3 files from the pen drive into the player. A new stereo with USB input can be purchased for under $50.00

What kind of stereo goes in a Ford Escort 1998?

A cassette radio player goes in a ford escort 1998.

Can a CD player be connected to Phillips car 400 cassette stereo?

CD player and Cassette player are out of fashion now. The new cars have MP3 players and iPod. Suggest get a basic MP3 player and a transmitter and plug it in the cigarette lighter socket to play all your music.

What are the advantages of cassette adapter?

A cassette adapter allows you to use an old tape player to play newer media like CDs and MP3s. This is particularly useful for car stereo systems in older cars.

How can one hook up their mp3 player to their car stereo?

There are a variety of ways to hook up a mp3 player to a car stereo. Older cars that have cassette players can use a cassette adapter that plugs into the jack on your mp3 device and then is inserted in to the cassette deck. Many newer cars have CD players rather than cassette decks so another option would be to use FM transmitter that works with your FM radio through a station with a very weak signal. Other approaches are to use an auxiliary input, line in connectors, or a USB stereo connection.

What turntable come with built in cassette decks?

The jWin JK-777 Nostalgic Stereo System comes with a turntable and cassette decks.

Who invented the first portable music player?

Sony in 1978 when they invented the Walkman `Soundabout`a potable audio cassette player capable of Hi-Fi stereo sound. Apple started in 2001?

How can you add a MP3 player to the standard stereo without cassette of a Chevrolet Cavalier?

All you need is an FM modulator!they usually around 30 bones available everywhere.

How can you convert audio cassette tapes to digital files?

THINGS YOU WILL NEED:* A Computer with sound* A 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo audio cable* Audacity Audio program (FREE)* Lame MP3 encoder (FREE)* Cassette player* Cassette TapeI found a very useful step-by-step guide on how and where to install audacity and lame. how to connect the cassette player to the computer and tips on how to record the audio. there are even pictures to explain everything better.

How to Install a Cassette Player In Your Car?

Still have those cassette tapes and want to play them while you drive? Is your car lacking the proper cassette player? No worries, this article will walk you through the simple steps of how to install a cassette player in your car. Because cassette players are now considered older technology, you need to be sure that it will fit in your dash before you purchase it. Before you start this task, gather the appropriate tools and other items that you will need. Gather a screwdriver, a soldering gun, wire crimps, the cassette player and the user manual. Take a few minutes to review the user manual before you start installation. Next, follow appropriate safety precautions such as turning off your engine and disconnecting the negative terminal on your battery. In the dashboard of your car, there is a stereo face that has to be removed, which sometimes involves a button or sliding mechanism to loosen it before pulling it off. Disconnect the existing antenna wiring. You’ll have to purchase and install a special mounting pod under the dash if your car does not have an existing radio or a space to fit one. Get the cassette player out of its packaging and turn it around with the wires facing the dashboard. The speaker wires will plug into appropriate positions on the face piece of the cassette player. Usually, there’s a diagram that shows you where the speaker wires should be plugged. Wiring is usually color-coded. Next, thread the power wire and antenna wire into the cassette player face piece. You can test the power to the cassette player once these wires are connected firmly. You can’t mount the cassette player into the dashboard until the wires are connected per above. Once that’s accomplished, insert the cassette player into the original position of the car stereo that was in the dashboard. That’s it! Now you have a cassette player in your car that will allow you to enjoy your favorite music while you drive. If something doesn’t seem to be working, consult the user manual and/or call the tech support number provided in the manual.

Can I use my car stereo cassette deck to record, or just play tapes?

Unfortunately, car stero cassette decks can only play back tapes.

1999 Toyota Avalon with a factory installed stereo that includes a CD Player you want to play ipod using auxiliary input how should you do that?

I had the same thing in my 1995 Avalon XLS with the CD player. In order to plug anything in you either have to use the cassette player adapter or simply get a new receiver (stereo) for your car.

Where can you buy speakers for AIWA compact disc stereo cassette receiver CX Z2300G?

You can buy the speakers for your compact disc stereo cassette receiver at most electronic stores. The speakers can also be found in the classified ad section of your local newspaper.

Where can one find a retro cassette CD car stereo from the seventies?

Many people sell their possessions online so it may be worthwhile looking on websites like eBay and Gumtree to find a retro cassette CD car stereo from the seventies.

Can I still buy a car stereo with a cassette deck?

Yes,they're widely available.JVC sells a model that plays mp3s,cds and cassette so you can play most of your collection on it.

How do you stream audio from a DVD player through the stereo of a 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager LE?

I've done just this same thing in my 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE..... If you have a cassette player you can simply buy a "Cassette Adapter". This looks like a cassette tape with a headphone sized wire coming out of it. All you need to do is put the tape in cassette player and hook plug into DVD players' headphone jack then presto audio comes through vehicle's speakers (this should work for all cassette players and devices that make sound eg DVD players or CD players). If it helps further I did product search at with keywords of " Cassette Audio Adapter" they are very inexpensive.

How does the cassette adapter which can be used to listen MP3 players on your car cassette player work?

A cassette player, like all other tape players, has a 'head' that 'reads' changes in a magnetic field. These changes are encoded onto the tape in the recording process. An adapter has a device which is held next to the cassette player head that creates magnetic fields identical to those found on a cassette tape. So the output of the MP3 player is converted from a voltage into a magnetic field, which the tape head detects and converts into a voltage, which is amplified and sent to the speakers. I am having problems getting mine to work in my 1995 explorer as well. If you find out how, please let me know!! Most likelly ur car stereo cassette player has an auto rewind feature that keeps rewinding the tape you cannot pause or play

How can you add an iPod to a Chevy cavalier 2001 standard stereo without cassette player other than with a FM modulator?

unless you get a new radio installed, an FM modulator is your only option

How to Secure a Connection Between a MP3 Player and a Car Stereo?

Gone are the days of cassette tape players. CD`s and CD players are still widely available for use in vehicles, homes and portable players however Mp3 players are convenient player replacements that you can virtually take anywhere. Follow these steps to guide you through the connection process for your Mp3 player and car stereo. • Step 1: Reference you Mp3 and vehicle stereo manuals. If your vehicle is newer it most likely has a connection auxiliary jack already installed for your Mp3 player. Other vehicles can still be considered for connection. • Step 2: Purchase radio electronic equipment at a suitable electronics store. Buying online may void the manufacturer warranty. Equipment you may need could be a FM transmitter, stereo cable, RCA cord and if you have an older car stereo possible a cassette adapter. Consult the authorized staff at your local electronics store for specific requirements. • Step 3: Connect the Mp3 player to your car stereo system. If you use a RCA cord, you will need to remove the stereo from the console and plug the cable into the back jacks and the other cord end to the player. Using a cassette adapter is simple. Connect the end to the player and insert the cassette adapter into the stereo. Using a FM transmitter, plug the cord into the headphone jack, turn your stereo on and tune both to the FM channel designated. • Step 4: Consider an additional power source. Mp3 players and adapters will drain battery power. One option is to use an Mp3 docking station that connects to the charge port in your vehicle. This will charge the player while playing. Mp3 players have wonderful enhancements over previous music technology allowing convenience to consumers. Referencing your Mp3 and stereo manuals; researching connectors and adapters available for purchase will help you make an informed decision on the purchase of connection equipment. With the right equipment you will be able to relax and enjoy your favorite songs off your Mp3 player anywhere you go.