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Check the serpentine belt, tensioner and pulleys. It's probably a problem with belt slipping.

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What is the squealing noise 04 tdi golf?

If its a high pitch squealing while accelerating, then the previous owner may have turbocharged, or supercharged the engine.

What causes a squealing noise when accelerating?

The most common cause is slipping belt

Why does myTopaz squealing noise when accelerating from a stop?

Just a guess, check the alt. belt.

Why does car squeal when heater is on after accelerating?

Usually when a car makes squealing sound after accelerating with the heater on, the serpentine belt is a little loose. It likely needs adjusting by a professional.

What would cause a squealing sound after prematurely grinding a manual transmission truck into gear while accelerating?

main shaft bearing

What could be the cause of squealing noise especially when accelerating a car?

you probly have a belt slipping, a can of belt dressing should stop the sound

What could be causing squealing noise on 2001 Explorer Sport?

loose or glazed fan belt.

1995 Mazda MPV squealing noise coming from the engine during startup as well as accelerating on cold days?

Check for loose or worn serpentine or drive belts.

Why is there a loud squealing noise from the engine during cold starts as well as accelerating?

Sounds like a loose or worn belt, alternator or fan tends to do that when they get worn or loose.

What would cause squealing on driver side of kia sedona when accelerating?

idler pulley. Change it now before the serpentine belt breaks. Hard job to do I think?

What would make a squealing sound on a 2004 ford explorer when you start it up and start to drive then quites?

A loose belt on the motor.

What causes a vibration when accelerating in your 2008 ford explorer?

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Squealing noise front end 2001 ford explorer sport 4 wheel drive?

Worn Brake pads. ? needs to be more specific.

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Why does a car kind of make a squealing-spitting sound when accelerated?

your fan belt may be worn my sugggestion is get some wd-40 or replace the belt +++ WD-40? What, to spray onto the belt? I'm glad you are not servicing my car! A squealing sound on accelerating is usually from a slipping alternator belt though - test its tension and wear state.

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How do you stop the squealing in the pulls 300zx?

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A squealing belt on a 2001 GMC sonoma?

A worn belt will cause a squealing noise. The squealing noise is caused when the belt slips. Tightening the belt will temporarily fix the problem.

What causes shaking and loud noise after accelerating?

that use to happen in my ford explorer and it was the transmission try to make sure you keep eye on fluids good luck

Why does the Ford Explorer 2012 smell like burnt when accelerating?

I am having the same problem with my Ford Explorer 2011. When I accelerate to 60-65 I start smelling the smell. I have had my car in and out of service for the past year about this smell and they finally told me it is the carburator.

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