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How do you fix a 22 rifle with no trigger?


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October 07, 2008 12:16AM
I grabbed this question because Winchester actually made a rifle with no trigger and I'd love to own one, just because it's so unusual. You'd be better off contacting me directly at: Marcucco @, but I can try to help you here if that's more convenient for you. I promise I won't try to talk you into selling me the gun either way. First, are you sure this is this a gun that never had a trigger? There's no cut out in the stock where the trigger should be? Next, is there a button on the upper part of the stock on the tang behind the action? A button you could push with your thumb? Check the stamping in the barrel, It should say Winchester, Model of 1899. My guess is that this is a single shot rifle, chambered in .22 short. It was considered a "boy's rifle" and this particular gun was called a "Thumb Trigger". It's pretty rare and if it's in good shape it's worth some $. There won't be a serial number on it so it will be hard to tell the exact date of manufacture, but it's some time between the mid 1900's and the mid 1920's I'm working on finding a drawing for it but I haven't located one yet, respond to me here or by eMail and I'll see what we can do.