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spray wd40 in all the latches then open and shut all the doors a couple of times

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Q: How do you fix a 97 Eddie Bauer Expedition 4x4 that is showing Door Ajar with no doors open?
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Where is the fuel safety switch located on the 2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer?

my 2003 Ford Expedition seem to have a fuel or relay malfunction. I can get the truck to crank if the doors are locked and unlocked several times, but it still will not start at all.

How do you turn the interior lights on in 2004 ford expedition Eddie Bauer?

I believe if you turn your gauge panel dimmer switch all the way it turns on the interior lights when all the doors are closed

What size speakers come in a ford expedition Eddie Bauer?

The speaker size is a 6 By 8 for the doors front and rear. but there are actually 2 more in the very back the luggage compartment. can anyone tell me if they are also the same size as the others, are do they have a different size?

Can a 2007 Ford Expedition be programmed so all doors unlock at Park?

I have a 2008 Expedition Eddie B. Using the manual and the information center button and key you can program the doors to unlock when you open your door or park. Its in the manual.

Could you get a diagram of where the fuel filter is located on a 1998 ford expedition Eddie Bauer?

i dont have a diagram but it is real easy to find... get on your back between the two drivers side doors and slide under the car. the frame is there and it is sitting right on the inside of the frame, cant miss it....

What size are the speaker in rear doors of 1998 Ford Expedition?

All 4 doors speakers on the Ford Expedition are 6x8.

Will 1997 ford f150 doors fit on 2001 expedition?

No, a 1997 Ford F150 doors will not fit on a 2001 Expedition. You will need to get a door that is made specifically for the Expedition.

How do you unlock the doors on a 98 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer when the battery is dead?

Does it not have a key lock by the front door handle ( that's what I did on my 1995 Ford Explorer XLT when the battery was dead )

How do you get the Door Ajar display to turn off on a 2002 Eddie Bauer Explorer when all the doors are closed?

To the best of my knowledge you would have a faulty door switch! I had this same prop on my dodge truck and that cured me right up. hope this helps T-RODDER

What is the door speaker size for a 1993 Eddie Bauer bronco?

i have the same vehicle. iam in the process of restoring and not 30 minutes ago i asked myself the same question, the front 2 speakers on driver and passenger side doors are 5x5 and the rear is 5x8

How do you rset the keypad code on a 99 ford expedition Eddie Bauer if the code is no longer on the computer?

In order to get the keyless entry code for your car you press 1-5-2-4-4-4-4-5-5-8-0 on the keypad. The vehicle has to be in neutral with the doors unlocked and opened. That code is the vehicle's new code. I'm not sure how to change this code to a different one, but at least you now know the code to your vehicle

What size speakers are in a 2007 Ford Expedition?

6x8 in front doors and rear doors + 8" subwoofer if so equipped with audiophile stereo.

Can Tahoe speakers fit in a expedition?

I don't know what size speakers are in the Tahoe. But the Speakers in the Ford Expedition are 6x8 on all the doors. If the sizes are the same they will fit.

What size speakers go in a 1999 ford expedition?

On all doors front and rear 6x8.

How many keys do you need to operate a 1998 ford expedition?

I have 1 key for my 98 expedition. Remote will unlock all doors & back door hatch. press once to unlock dr door an twice to open all doors an back hatch door

What size speakers fit in a 1998 Ford Expedition?

6X8 inch speakers for front and rear doors.

Why does the horn barely blow when you lock the doors on your 2001 expedition?

Ford's version of an alarm. It is jsut telling you it is armed

What is the difference between civil and architectural drawing?

Civil drawings showing the steei reinforcement for the Buildings but the arch is showing the finishing,the final product, Doors & windows and the furniture

How do you get your wife to be more sexually open?

By removing all doors and windows to his own sexualty showing its safe

No heat on 1999 Ford Expedition?

most of the time it is the blend doors get stuck it is a really big job remove the dash to get to them

Does 97 expedition have 2 different keys for doors and ignition?

Not from the factory , just the one key works for the door and ignition

What if your 2003 expedition says door ajar but all your doors are closed?

You may have tried this but i have a 2000 expedition and when it sayd door ajar its usually the window part of the hatch that's open....other than that I dunno

Is the key that works the door locks the same key that will work the ignition switch?

AnswerYes, mine is. I have a 94 escort gt, and only have one type of key. -However, I have a 1990 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer, and I have two keys which will only open and lock the doors, and two keys that will only operate the ignition.

Can 6x9 speakers fit in the front and backdoor of an expedition 1997?

Front & Rear Doors take only 6x8 speakers

Why does your 2000 Expedition Eddie Bauer edition turn itself on when its parked in the rain?

We have a 2001 EB Expedition that continually turned lights on, locked and unlocked the doors, turned the fan motor on and eventually tried to crank itself when it rained. They have replaced the brain and 2 starters. The culprit is probably your windshield, drivers side corner at the bottom will leak around the seal and let water run into the fuse and computer area in the car. Try checking on the windshield to see if you may have a leak. We put a thick paper in the corner to see if it became wet when it rained, sometimes you can't see the leak until it is bad. We also have a 99 that does the same thing but the computer is located in a different spot. email

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