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How do you fix a broken exhaust manifold stud in an aluminum head?


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2008-09-26 22:39:42
2008-09-26 22:39:42


they're extremely hard which also makes them brittle. The last several times I attempted to use one they cracked or shattered, leaving behind extremely hard pieces of metal that couldn't be drilled out.

If theres anything left sticking out you could try vise grips, or welding a nut to it. Heat and penetrating oil often helps. If theres nothing left, try reverse drills, make sure theyre centered and straight.


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The purpose of the exhaust manifold is to connect the exhaust ports on the cylinder head to the exhaust pipe.

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A blown head gasket can allow coolant to see into the manifold, and out the exhaust. A broken piston ring can also cause this problem.

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A broken piston ring is the most common cause of water in the exhaust manifold. A bad valve in the cylinder head can also cause the problem.

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exhaust manifold to head nuts are 31 ft. lbs.

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Exhaust leak at Exhaust manifold to head gasket or oring at exhaust manifold pipe.

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