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The speedometer is probably not working because the cable broke. One end hooks to the back of the instrument panel, the other to the transmission. Although it may seem like a huge job, it actually just involves some fairly easily disassembly. Remove the dash pad by taking out the 7mm screws underneath the lip and the two on the sides by the doors then it lifts off. You will then see the screws that hold the instrument panel in place. Remove that and pull it away and unscrew the cable from the back. The other end at the transmission will leak fluid when you remove it so be prepared with something to block the hole. In the event that it is not the cable, once you are at this point you cna easily replace it with one from a junkyard. As usual, I suggest that you spent a morning at a junkyard learning how to remove the instrument panel so that if you screw it up, nothing is hurt. Look for a Pick'n'Pull near you as they are really good yards. Meanwhile, try to avoid a speeding ticket as cops will not believe you when you tell them it is broken. Cost me $125 one time. VBdenny

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Q: How do you fix a broken speedometer for a 1989 Chevy caprice?
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