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How do you fix a burnt-out blinker on the right side of a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta?


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2015-07-14 15:04:47
2015-07-14 15:04:47
Just did this a week agoThe headlight assembly contains all the light bulbs on one piece of plastic. Behind the headligh assembly you will see a large black piece of plasic with two metal bands over it on each side. These are hard to get off but push them off of the pastic, they snap in place so it can be hard and noisy when they unlatch. This will let you take off the backing. Underneath are all of the individual light bulbs for the headlight. Look in front to find where the blinker should be, top left or right depending on which blinker you are fixing. To remove the bulbs you don't pull, twist and then the whole backing of the bulb and the bulb itself come back out into the engine compartment. You can then remove the bulb and replace all of the parts in the same manner you removed them. .

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In a 1992 Volkswagen Jetta, the fuel pump relay is located on the bottom row of the fuse panel. It is the fuse on the far right.

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The 2004 VW Jetta block heater can be found on the right hand side of the engine block. You can follow the block heater cord directly to the block heater.

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its probably under the battery and housing like the 99 the right side of the block(drivers side)

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No it means you have your left blinker on. The right bulbs have nothing to do with the left blinker. An incandescent bulb either works or it doesn't. There is no dying out.

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