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Just did this a week agoThe headlight assembly contains all the light bulbs on one piece of plastic. Behind the headligh assembly you will see a large black piece of plasic with two metal bands over it on each side. These are hard to get off but push them off of the pastic, they snap in place so it can be hard and noisy when they unlatch. This will let you take off the backing. Underneath are all of the individual light bulbs for the headlight. Look in front to find where the blinker should be, top left or right depending on which blinker you are fixing. To remove the bulbs you don't pull, twist and then the whole backing of the bulb and the bulb itself come back out into the engine compartment. You can then remove the bulb and replace all of the parts in the same manner you removed them. .
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Q: How do you fix a burnt-out blinker on the right side of a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta?
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Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1992 vw jetta?

In a 1992 Volkswagen Jetta, the fuel pump relay is located on the bottom row of the fuse panel. It is the fuse on the far right.

Where is the location of the block heater in a 2004 volkswagen jetta tdi?

The 2004 VW Jetta block heater can be found on the right hand side of the engine block. You can follow the block heater cord directly to the block heater.

Where is the Thermostat on a 1998 Volkswagen Jetta VR6?

its probably under the battery and housing like the 99 the right side of the block(drivers side)

How do you use your blinkers in the bus driver game?

Left blinker= [Right blinker= ]

When your left blinker is blinking does it mean that your right bulb is dying out?

No it means you have your left blinker on. The right bulbs have nothing to do with the left blinker. An incandescent bulb either works or it doesn't. There is no dying out.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1995 Volkswagen Jetta?

The fuel filter is underneath the car on the right hand side by the back door. It is real simple to change and easy to access it.

Why won't the right blinker work all of the time on my Chevy beretta?

your low on blinker fluid.

How do you change the directional light on a 2001 cavalier?

If your "left blinker" is on, to change it, "push up" the blinker arm that is on your steering wheel. If your right blinker is on, push the arm down to change it to the right blinker. This works on All Cavaliers and most other cars made in the U.S.

Where is the wiper relay on a 2000 Volkswagen Jetta?

It's on the relay panel under the dash, on the bottom right. It has a number 387, 389, or 192 printed on it, depending on the features your car came with.

Where is the fuse for the right tail light on a 96 volkswagen jetta?

The fuse box is located by your knees in the drivers seat, open the panel and it will have the specif fuse listed by number on the panel flap.

How would you change the radio fuse or 1999 Volkswagen Jetta?

Ok, If i remember right. when you pull the radio out of the dash with the VW Key, The fuse should be on the back of the Radio. Hope This Helps

How do you remove the headlamps on a 2000 Volkswagen Jetta?


How do you open a Trunk stuck on 1997 volkswagen jetta?

i had problems trying to open my trunk until i figured out the "trick". insert key, turn right, then push in, that should open it. hope that helps!

Rt blinker blinking really fast on 07 dodge 2500. Is there a switch or fuse for the blinker?

If the right blinker is blinking really fast, it means that there is a turn signal bulb on the right side that is burned out. (coulod be either front or rear)

On a Mitsubishi eclipse the right blinker blinks constantly and the left blinker stays on could this be the flasher?

turn it off, awww this is the mon

Why won't right blinker turn on?

Probably a bad bulb.

Where can i find a repair manual for a 1997 Seat Toledo 2lt sport?

There is no Haynes manual for it so maybe try looking for a Haynes manual for Volkswagen, something along the lines of the Jetta model, as the Toledo's engine is made by Volkswagen and the its size it roughly the same as a Jetta, you maybe able to download one free if you get the right site or possible order for usually for a third of the price as Halford's or somewhere like that, good luck anyway!

Where is the crank sensor located on a 1996 volkswagen jetta 2.0?

It is located almost adjacent to the oil filter and right beside the transmission bellhousing. The plug is located beside knock sensor plug attached to the motor mount.

What causes a clicking sound when turning right in your truck?

the clicking sound is the blinker. when you signal to turn with your blinker the light flashes and makes a clicking sound.

Where do you fill the blinker fluid on 95 grand am?

I think that someone is pulling your leg. There is no such thing as 'blinker fluid'. Sure, it's right next to the muffler bearings :)

You turned right out of a parking lot blinker on and a car pulled up on your right next to you and hit your car Who is at fault?

Generally speaking, you can not pull out of a parking lot into on coming traffic. The on coming traffic most always will have the right away, regardless of your blinker!

Where is the charcoal filter located on a 1998 Sunfire?

Behind the front right blinker

Why does your back right blinker work and your front right one doesnt?

Probably just a burned out bulb in the front one. Those bulbs have 2 elements so the marker light will still work but the blinker wont.

How do you remove the cover on the right blinker light of a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta to replace the bulb?

open your hood and look at the back of the headlight assembly, there is a access panel that is about 1 1/2 inches wide and about 3 inches long at the top of the panel there is a tab sticking out the tab is pushed downward( BE CAREFUL THE TAB BREAKS EASILY) and the panel it pulled toward the engine only the top will come off the buttom has a tab that is in a slot it will need to be pulled up to get it out, then remove the bulb by turning it to the left and pull it out. Good advice; it does break easily. But thanks for the help! It's mostly the same on my 2001 Jetta GLX.

How do you replace front blinker bulb on a 2000 Buick LeSabre?

There is a long bolt on top of the headlight/blinker assembly. Remove this bolt and slide the entire headlight/blinker assembly out just enough that you can see the bulb socket. Twist the socket and it will pop right out.