How do you fix a coolant leak?

I have 2 leaks in my '98. One on top of the radiator which is fairly small and another was on this wierd 90 degree angle pipe that came out from the engine and into an opening behind the tension pully. I patched both leaks with JB Weld. After about a month the leaks came back and the JB Weld was peeling off. That stuff is incredibly strong and I did this twice thinking I didn't mix the resin and hardener correctly, and it happened again. It must have been the constant heating and cooling of the vehicle but the JB would eventually peel right off. I knew if JB didn't work I doubt anything will. I had no other option but to replace the parts, and I would take it to an expert unless you are one yourself. Also, the radiator is removed from underneath the car.

Answer 2

Ideally you need to know from where the coolant is leaking and then fix the problem part. For the person above it is a plastic coolant elbow and can be purchased at a autopart store (autozone or pepboys or orileys) depending on the year for your car there my be 1 or 2 elbows for approx $10 each. Replace both at the same time. To replace them you may need to loosen/remove the tensioner assembly under the alternator where they fit into and then carefully reasemble.

Hope this helps.


Answer 3:

there are two coolant elbows that connect from the block to the alternator bracket. little cumbersom to replace... but not too bad. these elbows are available through GM, I'd stay with OEM parts with the cooling system they cost next to nothing and they are used on the 3800 because the alternator bracket doubles as a coolant passage. Make sure you lube the O-rings well on the new elbows so they don't tear when installing. Also you will loose lots of coolant when the bracket is removed so have a collector handy and a bottle of DEXCOOL. I would also asses the rear valve cover gasket while you're in there, for this opperation will have to be repeated if it starts to leak!

Tip: Ask the GM dealer for a parts print out on the alternator bracket... that will give you a diagram with all of the mounting bolts to remove, also you should only have to remove the serp. belt, the overflow resivoir, and the alternator to be able to remove the bracket.