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Also don't forget the all important - 3"screw in the top hinge trick. I've actually made a decent amount of money and fame just taking a 3" woodscrew and sucking up the top hinge so the door doesn't get stuck and it won't rub the strike (or jamb) anymore. Most people think I am simply amazing and call me McGiver (sp?)

There are 3 or 4 screws in each door hinge. remove the short screws closest to the center of the wall (the outer two are just lined up with the edge of the 1/2 drywall, so it won't do any good to screw the 3" screws in there - they can't bite into drywall...) put the 3" screw in the holes and drive it into the stud. You need to use a lot of pressure when you are driving the screw home, because you are trying to move the whole jamb, hinge and door sideways approx 1/8". Note: usually there is a 1/4" space between the door jamb and the stud (rough opening), if the door was installed with the hinge side directly against a stud or there are shims directy behind the top hinge - you are screwed, the installer of the door needs to be shot at (with the nail gun at a range of approx 50'-100' while wearing safety glasses of course - him not you..). He's a framer anyway and can't do finish carpentry work - he is not capable of doing a proper job of it and should stick with what he knows...your only option at that point would be to hire a finish/interior trim carpener to creativley solve the issue. Wow! I'm out of breath on that one...(I've got a lot of framing buddies by the way, I don't hate them nor envy them. In fact I'm a framer and can run circles around them framing because I'm a finish carpenter, Ha!)


P.S all this was to avoid planing and repainting the edge of your door - I'm trying to save you money and money make the...whatever


it and turn the handle but it's still stuck? If you can then it's probably hung up on the strike plate. Insert a flat bladed screwdriver between the door and the frame just above the latch in the door. This should spread the frame just enough to get the door open. If this works, just set the strike plate a little deeper into the frame.

If you can't unlock the handle, remove the knobs and you can open it with a flat bladed screwdriver where the handle goes through the barrel of the lock.

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How to get the trunk of my 1996 Cadillac devil closed?

Latch stuck in locked position? Electric "pull down" not working?

How do you close a subarau legacy drivers door that is stuck in the lock position when open?

You can not close any door if the locking mechanism is stuck in the locked position. You must first get the mechanics to unlock.

Why do the hazard lights on your jeep stay on?

Flasher stuck in closed position defective switch

Armrest in 1992 suburban in locked position?

If the armrest on a 1992 Suburban is in the locked position and will not unlock, check for a foreign object that might be stuck in the hinge. Sometimes the armrest can lock if the bolt holding it on is too tight.

How do you hot wire a 1988 Chevy Celebrity The ignition key is stuck in the accessory position and I need to start it and get it to the garage for a new ignition switch?

With the key stuck in the accessory position the steering wheel is locked and the gearshift is locked in the park position. Perhaps you should consider having a locksmith change the key cylinder where it is, or else have it towed to the garage.

How do you fix a furnace main gas valve that is stuck in closed position - Thermostat does not always cause main burner to light?

If your main gas valve is stuck in the closed position, it must be replaced. This condition is the reason your thermostat will not cause the main burners to light.

What is diagnostic trouble code P1404 for a 1999 Chevy Tahoe?

erg valve stuck in closed position

Why would your 1983 300d Mercedes be stuck in the locked position on the ignition?

Check my answer for 1985 380se with the same problem. Steven

Why does the air conditioner not shut off but the blower motor does?

compressor contactor is bad. probably stuck in the closed position.

What does it mean if egr valve is stuck in closed performance position?

The valve has failed.The valve has failed.

Why does the top of the thermostat on a 2001 chrystlar sebring get hot but the bottom doesn't?

Sounds like it's stuck in the closed position

Why isn't my cooing system circulating on VW?

1. water pump failure 2. thermostat stuck in the closed position.

Why would a engine fan keep blowing after the engine is stopped?

Normal operation to cool engine Relay stuck in closed position?

Anti lock brakes have locked on back wheel?

If one back wheel has locked up I don't think the abs has anything to do with it. You may have a stuck/locked up parking brake cable or a stuck/locked up brake caliper.

Should you drive if your accelerator is stuck?

Stuck closed, you cannot. Stuck open, you are foolish

Why does my 1995 Mercury Tracer overheat?

the one possibility that i can think of is that your thermostat is stuck in the closed position not allowing the water to circulate threw the engine

What makes Horn sounds all time on 2004 Dodge pickup truck?

Short to power in the horn circuit, relay stuck in the closed position, stuck horn switch.

Briggs and Stratton not getting gas to the carb new filter and all line are openits an 18 hp?

The fuel float may be stuck in the closed position. Or, the carburetor needle valve may be closed.

2002 Ford Exploer driver side door latch stuck in locked position and unable to close door. How can I get the latch to go down?

hot water

Can the passenger seat belt be released once locked into start position with doing damage?

I bought this car two weeks ago, now the seat belt is stuck in the full retracted position. Can this be released without damage?

What Causes of high temp in an Audi a6?

Possible causes: low coolant level; thermostat stuck in the closed position; faulty water pump.

What is engine code P1449 for a 2004 Suzuki Verona?

P1449- Evap emission system vent shut off valve (stuck in closed position)

Is your thermostat stuck closed?

If it was stuck closed the engine would overheat soon after starting up, probably within 10 minutes.

A stuck thermostat usually has the following symptom?

Overheating if stuck closed, no engine heat if stuck open.

What does it mean when your car doesn't heat up sitting still?

The car's thermostat is bad and not working. Most likely the thermostat is stuck open. Thermostats are heat sensitive valves that open and close. If stuck in the open position the car never warms up. If stuck in the closed position it will over heat.