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i just came across the same thing within the last week and it wasent a sensor its a cable drivin speedo...if that helps any

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 18:52:50
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Q: How do you fix a faulty Vehicle Speed Sensor on a '90 Geo Prizm LS?
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Will a speed sensor keep an automatic transmission from working?

Depending on the vehicle, a faulty VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) could affect the automatic transmission shift points.

Why does a golf vr6 not start when hot?

Possibly, your vehicle speed sensor is faulty, ask that it be checked!

What will cause speedometer and druise not to work on 2011 Nissan Versa?

A faulty vss (vehicle speed sensor).

Speedometer not working in a 1992 dodge cummins?

Either a problem in the circuit or a faulty vehicle speed sensor.

How do you stop the eps light from coming on in your vehicle?

Stop spinning the wheels or get the tire speed sensor that is faulty replaced.

What cause a speedometer to not work in a 2000 ford escort?

The VSS vehicle speed sensor on top of the transmission is faulty.

What is the code P0501 on a 2005 neon?

Vehicle speed sensor performance.Vehicle speed sensor performance.

Where is the speed sensor located on a 91 geo prizm?

The 1991 Geo speed sensor is located on the side of the transmission. The speed sensor will be on the left-hand side of the transmission.

How can one locate the vehicle speed sensor on a 93 Geo Prizm?

I am havingtrouble with my 93 Prizm 1.6 with the Auto Transmission. I belive the Speed Sensor is on the back side of the transmission. Look down from the back of your motor and look for an electrical connection to the top of your trans. Unhook the wire and its a 10mm both to get it off.

Where is the vehicle speed sensor located on a 99 ram?

The vehicle speed sensor is the sensor on top of the rear axle. If the vehicle has 4 wheel ABS then there will be a speed sensor on each front wheel.

What else besides shift selonoid c malfunction could cause 1997 eagle vision to not upshift?

A faulty vehicle speed sensor.

What are the consequences of a faulty speed sensor?

It means your car is broken

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