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New camshaft, they are machined whole so there are no parts that you can replace

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What does the heel of the camshaft do?

A cam lobe, is an eccentric. The heel of the lobe, would be the non active, flat part of the lobe. Non active, as it is the non active portion, of the cycle.

Does it matter where the lifters in Chevy vortex?

Doesn't matter on a roller lifter. Flat tappets must remain with the cam lobe they were broken in on.

Where are cam and followers found?

A 'cam' is a lobe shape on a rotating shaft in machinery. A 'follower' is a part that contacts the cam and goes back and forth relative to the rotation of the lobe. This is a common way of converting rotation to reciprocal action.

Is the frontal lobe a long short flat or irregular bone?


What are the bumps in a cam shaft?

In automotive terms that bump is a "lobe".

Does a 1991 Chevy 350 have a roller or flat tappet cam?

That would be the flat tappet cam in that engine.

How does a cam follower work?

In the context of an automobile engine the cam follower rides on the oval shaped camshaft lobe and translates the circular motion of the lobe into linear motion to operate intake and exhaust valves.

Why would the 5.0 1990 F 150 engine shutter and lose power at around 2000 rpm under load Drives fine other wise?

possibly flat lobe on cam

How do you fix a backfire problem on a 350 engine coming from the exhaust?

Check and see if the distributor cap is cracked. Could be as simple as a vacuum leak. Check the spark plugs to see if one looks different from the rest. If so, it could be a bad rocker or flat lobe on the cam. Pull the valve covers and have a look around

Can you adjust a valve to compensate for a worn cam lobe?

No you cannot. It will just eat the lobe off the cam further. You will have to replace the cam and lifters. be sure to change the oil and filter several times after job is finished. It would be wise to replace the timing chain and gears as a set.

What causes valves on a Chevy smallblock to come loose making a tapping noise?

Mosy likely you have a camshaft that is going flat. When a piston goes up and down it pushes a rod that sits on the camshaft lobe or the high part of a cam shaft. This in turn pushes the valves. The motor spins turning the crankshaft which in turn spins the camshaft. When you have one or two valves that keep getting loose usually you have a camshaft that is going flat. This is caused by many different things. Poor installation. Not enough cam lube to keep it slipping in the valley. If one component resists even the slightest and stops during rotation this causes a lobe on the cam shaft to go flat.

How do you set the cam timing on a Honda xr80?

Point the intake cam lobe down and the timing mark on the cam gear at the 12 o clock position with the piston at TDC.

How to Troubleshoot a Dodge 440 engines that is in a 1978 Jamoree motorhome that backfires through the carburetor after the engine warms up?

possible need carb rebuild, or a flat cam lobe . Could be timing or bad timing chain.

You have had block bored 030 new flat top pistons stock rods cam is 465 lift intake 488 exhaust stock lifters pushrods after assembly you have exhuast valves hitting top of piston what is easy fix?

Most flat top pistons have notches cut in them to clear the valves. You could cut the notches deep enough to suit your cam or get a cam with less lift.

How do you adjust the points on your 1985 Harley sportster?

There is a small cam in the mechanism that the points ride on. It has a narrow lobe and a wide lobe. When setting the points, the fiber block on the points, which ride on that cam, should be stopped on each of those high spots or lobes. Gap should be 18 to 21 thousandths equally on either lobe. If not, you hanve a problem.

Why is your rochester quadrajet carburator making a popping sound?

If your vehicle is a chevy, it`s probably a flat lobe on the camshaft (probably number 6 cylinder) If when you accellerate the popping comtinues and gets louder replace the cam and timing chain

Merccruser 350 engine MPI 2006 does the cam have a lobe for a mechanical fuel pump?

MPI's usually have electric fuel pumps to put out the pressure needed. so no lobe.

How can you repair a faulty door sensor in a 2002 Neon?

Door sensors are at the door latch. The sensor is actually a mechanical switch. This switch rides on a cam lobe that activates the switch on & off. The switch is very sensitive and if there is any kind of wear in the lobe of the cam can indicate door open even if it is shut. The only way to repair or fix the issue is open the door latch from the door and replace the latch assembly or build up the wear area. I used a kapton tape to build up the wear area and it fix the problem. Do not over build the area.

What is a camshaft lift?

It is a measure, in thousandths, of how far the cam lobe lifts the valve open, off of the seat.

What is the part of a camshaft that moves a lifter?

push rod or tap its. It would be a cam lobe that moves the lifter.

What is the glue to fix a split ear lobe?

is there glue that can repair a split earlobe

What does it mean when one of my lifters is barely moving in my 1977 Chevy pickup 350?

It means the lobe is worn off of the CAM SHAFT. Need to replace cam and lifters.

How do you fix a flat tire on a lawn tractor?

Fix a flat, you can get it at any dollar general store or Wal-mart.

Can you fix an inflatable ring pool with fix-a-flat?

No, because Fix-a-flat has to rotate around the inner tire and coat everything, or else it all just sinks to the bottom, as it would in a pool.

What is needed to change over a 305 Chevy's engine roller cam to a hydraulic lifter flat tappet cam?

You do not want to change from a roller camshaft to a hydraulic flat tappet cam! that would be adding friction to you engine(bad plan). you can go from a flat tappet to a roller cam but no one offers a kit to erase technology, or subtract horsepower.

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