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You go through the dash, that's all I know. Pain in the neck. Good luck with that one.

It is under the passenger side dash. You do have to take apart the dash though. The back of the glove box has to come out. It takes about two hours because some of the bolts are really hard to get at. You need a long bendable extension or wobble with long extention. then climb under the hood and disconnect the hoses and hose retainer.

You don't have to remove the whole dashboard. If you take out the glove compartment liner and the radio you can access all the housing screws around the heater core, with some gyrations. On mine I had to remove the front right wheel and fender liner to get at the heater-hose attachments, which are on the engine side of the firewall, under the air-conditioning housing, virtually inaccessible otherwise, and easily reached this way. Have fun with it!!

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Q: How do you fix a heater coil in a Chevy 88 S10 Blazer?
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