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Things to check, is the release all the way in? Lubricate the lock, WD40 or similar. Adjust the lock up if needed. After you lubricate the lock mechanism, cycle the hood release cable a few times, so that the lubricant penetrates. Continue to lubricate the mechanism at least once every few months to prevent future sticking of the cable.

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Q: How do you fix a hood latch when the hood won't lock into place?
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Why wont rear latch on 2004 ford focus not lock?

Look under the hood behind the air filter.

On 1998 Monte Carlo Z34 the drivers side door wont stay shut Its not that the latch is down and needs to be flipped up the latch wont lock into place when the door shuts What can you do to fix this?

Try spraying the latch mechanism with WD-40. Work the latch a few times and then spray it again.

How do you open the hood on a 1992 s-10 pickup when the latch won't release?

i have a Chevy s-10 1990 and the hood wont release, and the latch is broke. what should i do

How do you get a 2001 jetta's hood latch open after all releases have been released and the latch wont open up still?

its difficult.

How do you repair a hood that wont latch on an 2002 Cavalier First it was hard to open for a while now it wont close. Last couple times it was a 2 person operation 1 on the release 1 on the hood?

Lubricate hood latch assembly and cables liberally with WD-40 or similar

How come your 1993 BMW trunk wont lock?

The latch should be adjustable-it's not catching.

How do you fix a hood that wont latch on a 1997 BMW 328 when only one side of the hood will not secure?

If this is a 2004, it should be covered under warranty by VW. You should take it back to the dealer and have them realign the hood striker.

1990 Chevrolet truck hood wont lock?

my hood on my 1990 chev 1500 will not lock? I just replaced the grill and hood as a blazer jumped out of gear and backed into my front end!

Your 2000 Jetta Hood opener wont open how do you fix it?

The cord that provides tension is not in place. Once you get the hood up, and the grill off, there is a ball attached to the cord; it fits into the bottom half of the lock mechanism and should then provide tension to get the lock to pop.

95 aerostar the lock and latch works yet the handle wont actuate the rear door how the heck do you re open this?

Pull the inner panel and actuate the latch manually.

How do you unlatch the hood of a 1988 300 E Mercades?

Most hood releases consist of a latch tucked under the hood, but above the grill. If you place your fingers under the hood, usually to the right of center, you will feel the latch. You will lift the latch, and the hood should pop open enough to get your fingers under it. Then, it releases fully as you lift the lid. Two problems can occur on hood releases. One, sometimes the piece of the lever that you should lift up on has broken off. Second, sometimes the piece is there but it wont pop the hood. You could try to release using the safety latch. Or, you could try to pop the hood by placing your hands on the hood, one on each side off center. "bounce" your hands forcefully in a down-up motion and you should hear the hood latch "pop". Use your fingers to try to lift the hood. Sometimes you have to repeat the bouncing motion several times before the hood releases.

How can i open a hood of a 1978 trans am. The latch works but it still wont open?

While pulling the release latch, try pounding on the top of the hood once or twice to break it loose. Those hoods have a tendency to stick sometimes. If you're not comfortable with pounding on your hood, try pressing down on it a couple of times with the palms of your hand at the front before pulling the release latch.