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How do you fix a laptop screen that has gone out?

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The backlight is probably has blown in the screen, unfortunately it is an integral part and cannot be changed separately, you will have to order a replacement screen, these are not expensive and you may be able to get one cheap online

2010-04-29 23:22:27
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Why has my laptop screen turned pink and green?

My laptop screen has turned pink and green help?

How can you fix your laptop when the screen can not turn on?

the best way to fix a laptop if the screen is broken is to plug in an external monitor into a vga dvi or hdmi port that is on your laptop this depends on your external monitor.

How can one fix a broken screen on their laptop?

To fix a broken laptop screen, you can purchase a used or another broken laptop, so that you can use the screen. Take off the broken screen and replace the broken screen with the new screen. There are some 'how to' books published that could help you as well.

How do you fix a laptop screen that has red color?

Replace the backlight...

How do you fix Toshiba laptop when watching youtube and movies the screen goes black?

Just restart your laptop!

Laptop screen not working?

Take it to someone who knows how to fix laptops.

How do you fix broken of below screen laptop?

The current laptop screens are made of either LCD or LED's. If a part of the screen is broken, it will not be repaired, and thus you will have to replace the whole screen.

Can you fix a cracked laptop screen without buying a new screen?

No, you need to purchase a new one

How can you fix laptop screen when is white?

Take the battery out and let it cool down

Laptop Screen Repair?

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Why is the screen on my laptop turning blue and red?

This is most likely a faulty laptop screen. A good computer shop should be able to replace broken parts to fix this.

Your laptop screen has gone from landscape to portrait how can you fix this?

it depends on what OS you are using but if you are using Windows just right click the main desktop screen and scroll down to screen resolution for windows 7 and for xp go to control panel and it will be under display options.

Why does your laptop screen go dim when you unplug it?

Your screen goes dim because all the energy from the battery in the charger goes into you're laptop so when you unplug it. It goes dim but there is ways you can fix it that how my laptop works.

How do you i fix my laptop screen if its sideways?

Ctrl+alt+the left or right arrow key :)

Is it too costly to repair a laptop screen?

Laptop screens can be cheap to fix or they could be expensive to fix, it all depends on what type of laptop it is that you have. If you have a higher resolution and more glossy screen is it going to be slightly higher to repair. Take it to a computer technician to get a good estimate before doing anything with it!

How can you fix a blank screen on a laptop?

call the Hindu tech service -monica magallon :p

What should you do when you laptop screen doesn't work but the laptop still runs?

Call customer service and present your case to them. They should come and fix it.

What is happening when your laptop screen is pink and how do you fix it?

The pink line indicates your LCD is about to die, When it starts to fail the only fix would be to have the screen changed which is quiet easy to do and affordable, depending on damage ranges from $80 - $150 depending on how serious it is or what type of laptop it is.

How do you get rid of a vertical red line down a Toshiba laptop screen?

This is most likely a faulty laptop screen. A good computer shop should be able to replace broken parts to fix this.

Something is wrong with your laptop all the icons have gone really big?

Your screen resolution must have changed.

Where can I get laptop screen repairs done?

You can always get the screen to your laptop fixed at "BestBuy", their geek squad works with them for a reasonable price however the time period that they keep your laptop varies. Also you can send it back to the company from where you purchased it from, they can fix it for a fee also.

How do you fix your laptop screen when it has a long length?

take it to a shop and tell them to fix it there normally the shop you buy it from that is the shop you should go to hope this helps

How do you make a laptop touch screen?

You Can not make a regular laptop touch screen you have ti get a touch screen laptop. NO YOU CANT

Laptop Screen Repairs?

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