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It depends on where the leak is coming from. If it looks like it is coming from the side of the valve it might be best to replace the valve. Attempting to repack a pressure valve can lead to a bigger problem if not done right. You might want to call a pro.

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Q: How do you fix a leaking water pressure valve?
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Is there an easy fix for a leaking valve seal?

Replace the valve seal and check the valve guide for wear.

What is the fix for a low pressure fuel leaking from a small plastic tube near the top of the pump?

The fix is replacing the leaking part.

What happens to the pressure in a tire if airis leaking out of the tire?

If air is leaking out, obviously the pressure will decrease to nothing. Find the leak and fix it.

Main water supply line to water heater leaking The main line comes out of the ground and is leaking around the sleeve and the coupling before the shutoff valve for water heater How do you fix this?

you could buy a new one ? or call a mechanic ?

HOW do you fix a toilet that sprays water out of the bowl when flushed?

turn the pressure down at the toilet flush valve

Your water pump is leaking how do you fix it?

You replace it.

How do you fix a water leak in the yard?

by finding out what is leaking

How do you fix leaking fuel filter canister on 7.3L ford diesel?

It is probably not the fuel canister itself that is leaking.......on the back side of the canister ther is a small plastic drain valve.....this valve has an O-ring in it that dries up and fails causing the leak. the drain valve has a yellow valve control on it. It is a very cheap part and easy to fix.............Nick

How can you fix an oil leak of oil pressure sending unit electric connection in a 1993 Jeep Cherokee 4.0?

If the oil sending unit is leaking oil by the inside of the component, then I don't know of any way to fix that other than removal and replace with another one. If it is leaking by the threads, then you can try teflon tape to seal that. Also make sure it is leaking from the sending unit and not leaking down from the valve cover.

How do you fix When you flush the toilet the shower water gets hot?

Install a new pressure balancing valve in shower which helps with problem.

Why is Expansion tank on boiler is leaking at the air release valve?

It is possible that the expansion tank on a boiler could have too much water and not enough air, causing leaking. To fix this problem, the tank should be adjusted to the right levels of each.

How do you fix a leaking dual flush toilet?

A defective flush valve causes the leak in toilets. A flush valve is a flap or ball plunger device that is supposed to act as a stopper in the bottom of the toilet tank. So to fix your toilet and save water, get any professional plumber to repair the valve or complete replacement kit .

How to fix Generator gas leaking into oil?

It is likely the float valve is not seating properly. Needs cleaning or replacement.

How do you fix an oil leak on a 1991 Grand Prix that is leaking directly above the starter?

Valve cover gaskets?

How do you fix leaking valve seals on a 5.7L 350?

Replace them. This can be done without removing the heads. Talk to your mechanic about this.

How do you stop your water pump leaking on your ford transit lorry?

The way you stop your water pump from leaking on a Ford Transit Lorry depends on why it is leaking. The most common fix is to replace the gasket on the water pump.

How can I fix my leaking water heater?

How can I fix my leaking water heater? Water heaters can develop leaks over time; but only a few of the reasons that one might leak are repairable. Just go to and they will probably be able to help you

Hot water barely comes out of faucet cold water works fine how do i fix?

If shut off the hot water valve then you take off your supply line from your hot water valve to your faucet and then turn your hot water valve on slowly (with of course a bucket or something to collect the water under it) and if you can see you have water pressure and flow then most likely the problem would be in your faucet on the hot side. If you have no pressure or flow when you turn the hot valve on then it could be debris plugging your hot water pipe or your hot water service valve (angle stop, straight stop) which older galvanized pipes are known to do so. To fix the problem you would need to find out where the problem is then either fix or replace the faucet or replace the angle/straight stop or try back flushing the hot water pipe and or replace the pipe with pex or copper pipe.

How do you fix the water hammer problem that occurs when the washing machine is working?

You ask your plumber to instal the valve in your main supply the reduces the pressure but not the flow.

How do you fix an outside leaking water spicket?

Leaking around the stem when on, replace or add to the packing around the stem. Leaking when shut off, replace the washer.

Can you still drive with leaking water pump just by adding more water?

Carry more water or fix it!

How do you fix a build up of pressure in engine of 98 ford escort zx2 if there is no PCV valve?

the pcv valve is on the back right of the valve cover if not get one

How do you fix a leaking tub?

You have to say WHERE it is leaking from for someone to answer it.

How do you fix a leaking hot water line under the floor?

you should dig the floor.

How do you fix a water leak on a Honda Accord?

Depends on what and where it is leaking. Need more information.