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I had the same problem and have not totally solved it yet but have a workaround.

First there is are 2 30 amp fuses under the hood in the main fuse box (with the abs fuses etc). I think they label them right and left actuator or regulator. check and make sure they are good. This is the main fuse to the motor.

If this was not the problem just behind the door ("B" pillar) on the interior is a small plasic cover you can take off. You will see some blue plastic that you can pull off. You will see a rod in the center that will accept a hex head. Use a screwdriver with the correct head to turn the seat belt motor manually to the rear position. Then try to close the door. If it returns to the front then you can always turn it back and remove the fuse to keep it in the rear position.

This is kind-of a pain but will work. You just have to unbuckel the top belt by using the emergency release.

I've had the same problem on my '93 Integra. At first I thought the fuse was blown, but the problem was intermittent, so it could not have been the fuse.

- I discovered the problem to be with the integrated switch located in the door latch (on the door itself). - I used a can of silicone spray and doused the door latch with it, all while manually actuating the the latch with a screwdriver as if I were opening and closing the door repeatedly (better to use something that won't score the plastic or metal components). - Also, pull on the door handle to release the latch back to the open position. - The more silicone I sprayed into the latch crevices, the more rust came out--my passenger door isn't used very much so apparently corrosion had built up. - A few hits of Liquid Wrench to dissolve any rust might get better results. - Testing out the actuation of the automatic seatbelt on the side that does work will give you a better idea of how it all operates, i.e. at what point the switch gets triggered.

- Worst case, might have to replace the latch assembly on the door. ( has great prices on original Acura parts).

correct me if i am wrong, but i believe seat belts have a lifetime warranty...

Those fuses you are referring to are labeled Left and Right Passive Motor

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Q: How do you fix a power seat belt device on a 1992 Acura Integra that will not retract when the door closes?
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