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I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee I am not sure if a repair can be made. Today my 3rd radiator is being installed. There appears to be plastic and alum that join together sort of a crimped joint. This is where my failures occured. The first was under my extended warranty. The second occured 3 months after the first. So it was still under the second installation warranty. At one time the Radiatior was all alum and leaks could be easily repaired. They may have needed to be taken out but not replaced with a new one each time.

I like my Jeep Cherokee. It appears that the coolant system, brakes, and air conditioner seem to be it's weak points.

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Q: How do you fix a radiator leak on a 2000 Jeep Cherokee?
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Your jeep Cherokee 1998 is leaking coolant can it be a seal?

If your 1998 Jeep Cherokee is leaking coolant, it might be a seal but it is more likely that it is a hose. This might also be a radiator leak, a loose hose clamp, or the freeze plugs in the radiator.

Why does my 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee leak green fluid?

Coolant leak.

Why does my 2001 Jeep Cherokee 4.0L have Black Radiator Fluid?

Most of the "stop leak" products turn your antifreeze black. It's very likely someone used stop leak in your car.

Where can it be found some of the possible leak spots to AC of 2000 jeep Cherokee after all excess tupings been checked?

What is a tuping

What is the LDP on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Leak detection pump.

Why would smoke come from the power steering pump of a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Bad bearing? Leak onto engine component?

Why is there frequently a whistling sound when letting off the accelerator of a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Either the induction system has a leak (air cleaner housing, tubing, etc.) or you have a vacuum leak.

If you remove the upper radiator hose on a Cherokee Jeep Laredo will something leak from it?

engine coolant willleak from hose if you remove,it. if nothing comes out, then obviously there is not enuff coolant in the system to operate correctly

What is the clicking noise when you push the acceleration on my 89 Jeep Cherokee?

It might be an exhaust leak

Why do you smell fuel inside your jeep 1998 Cherokee sport?

probably a fuel leak somewhere .

Can a Cracked engine block 99 jeep Cherokee cause major coolant leak?


What causes a Jeep Cherokee to always lose water?

The obvious answer would be that there would be a leak somewhere...

Antifreeze leak in 99 Jeep?

Antifreeze leak in a 1999 Jeep may be as a result of a defective water pump or a cracked engine block.Antifreeze leak in your 1999 Jeep could be as a result of a radiator fluid leak, a cracked engine block, a defective water pump, or any other reason.

97 Jeep Grand Cherokee p0442?

Trouble code P0442 means: Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected (small leak)

Why would the gas tank leak on a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee only when it is filled up?

Because the leak is high up in the tank.

Is there anything that can leak water at the front of a jeep inline 6 other than the water pump?

Radiator hoses, radiator, thermostat gasket,

How can you stop a water leak on floor for jeep?

Well you have to identify it first. It could be just the condensation from the A/C after you turn of the engine or could be some other leak. I had one on my jeep where the radiator and the hose connected. Be sure to check around there. To fix it, buy a new radiator.

Why would a 2000 Jeep Cherokee have a gasoline smell?

There may be a fuel leak. This may be serious. Many fires have started because of fuel leaks. Have this vehicle checked for fuel leaks.

Can antifreeze leak from the transmission on 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

From the transmission? No? But antifreeze & transmission fluid can mix. Your transmission uses a small portion of the radiator as a transmission cooler, normally at the very bottom or side. In very rare instances, this cooler can develop a leak and allow transmission fluid and antifreeze to mix together. The only fix is to replace the radiator.

Why is your Jeep Liberty losing oil but there is no leak or burning oil?

The oil could be getting into you coolant system. Check to see if your radiator fluid is milky brown.It could be a leak that only happens when your jeep is in motion.

What does the engine code p1494 mean for a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

possible faulty leak detection pump

Why is there oil on the air filter of 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L?

There shouldn't be, but if you do, that indicates an oil leak somewhere

Why is a jeep 2000 wrangler radiator keep overheating?

1. If it loses coolant there is a pressure leak. The leak may be internal. 2. The radiator fan may not be coming on when it should. 3. The thermostat is stuck open or closed or has been removed. 4. Loose or broken fan belt. 5. The water pump doesn't work right. 6. The radiator or other parts of the cooling system (including heater radiator) are clogged

How long can you operate a 2000 peterbilt with radiator leak?

As long as you can keep adding coolant to it.

How do you fix your 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee with codes p0455?

Trouble code P0455 means: Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected (gross leak/no flow)