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i think one of your bulbs in another light are out. mine was blinking fast only on one side, so i checked them and replaced the burned out one and it blinked normal again.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-22 02:05:46
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Q: How do you fix a rear turn-warning signal not flashing 50-130x per min Blinking to fast?
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If the turn signal flashes fast how do you know if to replace the front or back light?

turn on your turn signal and look for the bulb that's not blinkingAnswerThe light that needs to be replaced will be the one that is not flashing. You need to turn on your turn signal and walk around the vehicle to see which one is not flashing.

Why is your turn signal blinking quicker than normal how do you fix that?

usually if it is flashing faster, that is your cars way of telling you that a bulb is burned out

How do you fix a fast blinking signal light on a 96 GMC Suburban?

Turn on that fast blinking signal light and check to see if the front and rear signal lights are both working, chances are you have a burned out bulb. If both front and rear bulbs are flashing fast, replace the flasher relay.

How do you tell which taillight is a turn signal?

If it's blinking, it's a turn signal.

What does a rapdily flashing turn signal indicator mean on a 2007 ford 500?

It means that the light is about to go out. For example if you turn on your right blinker and it is blinking fast it means the light is about to go out and you should change it.

Signal blinking fastly?

A signal that is blinking fast usually indicates a bad bulb or bad flasher. Check to insure all of the bulbs burn, then check the flasher.

How do you repair fast blinking signal?

One of the bulbs is out. Replace it.

What do you do when a traffic signal is blinking red?

A blinking red traffic signal is treated as a stop sign. You come to a full stop at that intersection and observe the traffic in all directions before proceeding.

A flashing yellow signal means?

Proceed with caution

Why is my turn signal flashing too quickly?

Either the front or back turn signal bulb is out

How do you change the blinker light in a 1995 Olds Cutlass when the light is on but just not blinking?

With the key in the "on" position, turn the signal switch to the turning direction that is ***not***the problem. Check the front and rear of the car so you know which lights are flashing. Now switch the turn signal switch to the bad side and compare the lights that are illuminated (but not flashing) to the side that was working. One or more of the bulbs are out and will not be illuminated. Change that bulb (s).

How do you slow down the turn signal lights blinking?

change the flasher to a slower blinking brand. They are cheap and you can try a few brands

Does flashing your headlights at a red traffic signal make it change to green?

No, Flashing your headlight's will have no effect on a traffic signal. The reason a traffic signal changes for emergency vehicles that have the lights flashing, is, they have a special transmitter that tells the light to change. This transmitter is connected to the emergency lights so it comes on when the lights are used.

Why does monitor light keeps on blinking for seconds after switching off?

The monitor light keeps on blinking for some time after switching off to indicate immediate loss of input signal. When the computer is switched on, the LED stops blinking and changes to green, indicating good signal reception.

What causes a rapid turn signal on a 2002 blazer?

It has been my experience that a rapid turn signal indicates there is a burnt-out signal light bulb (either front or rear) on the side of the rapid blinking signal. If the right signal is blinking rapidly, the problem is in the signal lights for the right side (front or rear) of the vehicle. Turn the rapid signal on and step out of the vehicle to find which bulb is not lighting.

What are turn signal indicators?

Turn signal indicators are lights. The flash to tell you, or indicate, that a turn signal is on, and which way the lights are flashing.

Where is turn signal relay in Chrysler 1996 Town Country?

After replacing the burned out turn signal bulb, turn on the hazard flasher and then turn off the hazard flasher. This will reset the flashing on the turn signal from super fast to standard flashing.

The turn signal stays on only blinking to the left and it doesnt go off what does this mean?

Defective turn signal switch.

Why my signal lights are not blinking?

is the car on? do you have the signal on? is there a bulb? are there wires connected to the bulb? or just go to a mech and have him figure it out. simple.

How do you fix a turn signal that stays lit but doesn't blink when lights are on?

Just replace the bulb. They stop blinking when the bulb goes bad. Usually if a bulb goes bad it will blink rapidly. If it stops blinking entirely or blinks only sometimes your flashing relay may have went out. It's a small box under the steering column usually.

What does it mean when my Mazda tribute turn signal keeps blinking?

it needs to be replaced

Why are the front turn signal bulbs working but not blinking?

Defective flasher relay.

Why would the left turn signal indicator stop flashing and indicator light?

You have a turn signal light-bulb out .

How do you make a signal?

Possibly by waving your arms or by flashing a torch (flashlight).

What does a traffic light with a flashing amber signal mean?

You must stop