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Rust spots caused by exposed rebar can cause spalling to the gunite structure. This is usually caused by cracked marcite or diamond brite surface that is allowing water and air to reach the redar and/or expansion wire. In order to repair this type of damage we always recommend to cut through the pool surface and expose the rusted steel. Cutting away of all rust and then re-sealing the good portions must be done to keep this frome re-occuring. After the rust has been removed the repair can be re-plastered. One should be very careful when repairing any pool. There are many products out there that claim they will seal off any pool surface. these products only patch the surface, they do not repair the damaged steel. Without proper removal of the damage rusted steel major structural damage can occure. Patching over rusted steel in like placing a band-aid over a cut that needs stiches...

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Q: How do you fix a rust spot caused by exposed rebar?
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